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The Best Cuban Adventure

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Cuba – this beautiful and unique island is perhaps the most talked about destination for adventure travellers at the moment. With few changes over the past 50 years the time warp that gives Cuba its charm for international visitors is set to change in the face of a more amicable relationship between Cuba and United States.

We recommend a visit before the multinational chains, ques of cruise ships and truck load of tourists start to descend into the country.

Cuba is indeed the perfect place for an unusual adventure travel, being packed full of history and beautiful places that are perfect for activities and sport. In this article you will discover two of our most favourite Cuban adventure travels. Keep checking the site too, we’re adding some new trips including a for those with limited time off who don’t want to miss out.

Active Cuba Explorer

This trip is perfect for sport lovers as it includes various physical activities. You will trek, cycle, snorkel, swim, and experience a salsa class while exploring some of the most overlooked routes. At the end of the 11 day adventure, Cuba will have no secrets for you!

The first day you will enjoy a city tour by bike, but then you will cycle to Guanahacabides Park, where you will hardly meet another soul. This park is also home of the world’s smallest bird, the bee hummingbird. If you’re lucky, you will see it!

You will also take the chance to learn more about the history of the county. You will visit the headquarters of Che Guevara during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and snorkel in the Bay of Pigs, which saw the very beginning of the Crisis.

To conclude the adventure, nothing better than a visit to Trinidad, a UNESCO world heritage site!

Cycle Cuban Adventure

This adventure travel focuses mainly on cycling, giving you the chance to discover the island on two wheels. It lasts 15 days and the tour starts and ends at Havana.

In the capital you will discover the different districts, including the important Plaza de la Rivolution. But you will soon leave the city to explore the Matanzas province, full of sugar and citrus plantations, including a crocodile farm!

The tour continues across various natural landscapes until reaching the colourful city of Trinidad. Once there you have the option of a boat trip or a walk, to take a break from cycling. But the following day the ride starts again, to reach the city of Sancti Spiritus and the nearby coffee plantations.

The ride will challenge you most when you head to Sierra Maestra and go to the mountains. But the cycling journey won’t finish there, as you will have the chance to explore many more Cuban locations and get to know many different parts of the island.

If you want to know more, have a deeper look at these adventures and also at our other featured destinations in Central America!

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