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The Ebb and Flow of Travel

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I can probably characterise every major trip I’ve ever been on by whether it was an ebb or a flow.

By that I mean, whether I was going ‘to’ a place or running ‘from’ another. That place might be a physical destination or an emotional state of mind, usually it’s both.

In tidal talk, the ebb is the outgoing phase, when the tide drains away from the shore, it’s something of a retreat compared to the flow which is the incoming phase of a tide, when water rises again .. both influence the mindset for travel in quite amazing ways.

‘Running’ from a place sounds a bit dramatic (!) but I mean it to be the act of going somewhere so not to be in the original place. Grief, break ups, fall outs, failures, distress, mundanity, all have a push effect on my travels – as if to move is to escape. To find peace, a change, a break. The focus at those times so often is about leaving where you’ve been not where you are going. Travel feels like a necessary first step, to get away, to breathe, think clearly, regroup then make a plan. Be kind to yourself in those moments and trips. They are important. Afterall, as a tide retreats from one place, it’s flowing into another…

Which is my opposite mind-set: the flow! The magnetism of being drawn in, the attraction and the enchanting charm of curiosity satisfied, the lure of newness, discovery, different. Those feelings that pull you to travel to a place. Whether it’s the desire for learning, be it new skills, friendships, nature, love or culture, it tends to be peppered with a desire for accomplishment.

Everyday I work with adventure seekers at a very unique moment of their lives. A moment when an ebb or a flow of life crossed with the possibility of travel. And it’s an honour and privilege to be part of their journey at that very early stage and to have a role in shaping its direction. To understand their motivation and this moment they are in. And to help shape an experience that fits and is right.

They say that every journey begins with a single step. I suppose I like to think that’s where we fit in. That Another World Adventures is your first step to your next great adventure, whichever way the tide it turning.

Here’s to many wonderful adventures, however, whereever and with whomever you share them with!


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