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The Stans of Central Asia

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Stretching from the western borders of China all the way to the Caspian Sea, the “Stans” of Central Asia cover a vast stretch of land, culture, and history.

For thousands of years the world’s fiercest leaders battled for control here. Think Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, Babur, and Tamerlane. For millennia, this land has been witness to the migration of people, goods, and culture from Europe to Asia and back again.

Today, the world’s boldest adventurers travel to the stunning landscapes of Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. They seek the wild and the rare of towering peaks, vast deserts, and ancient cities.

This year, we’re featuring four incredible adventures into the heart and soul of Central Asia. Each of these trips is designed to be an over the top, mind and heart expanding experience – not to mention incredibly fun and physically challenging.

Stans of Central Asia – Four Adventures

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Mountain Adventure

Join the Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan mountain adventure if you’re looking for a full-power physical experience. During these 14 days, you’ll raft, mountain bike, ride horseback, trek, and helicopter your way across these two unbelievable countries. You’ll discover places like the Narin Valley, the Inylcheck glacier, and the Chui River. This trip is your chance to thoroughly explore the Tien Shan, or Celestial Mountain range.

Tajikistan and Afghanistan Trekking and Riding Adventure

For those that love horseback riding and want some extraordinary stories to share, check out the Tajikistan and Afghanistan Trekking and Riding Adventure. You’ll spend three weeks in the Hindu Kush and Pamir mountain ranges alternating between trekking and horseback riding. Very few travel to places like the Langar Valley, the Wakhan Corridor, and Khandud. The route follows part of the old Silk Route and about halfway through you’ll love the home stay in a traditional Tajik village.

Kyrgyzstan Horse Riding Adventure

The Kyrgyzstan Horse Riding Adventure is for horse loving purists. You’ll follow a section of the Silk Road as you cross the range known as the Mountains of Heaven. This is nature at its breathtaking best and it’s considered by many to be the most pristine wilderness on Earth. You’ll travel and camp with Kyrgyzstan nomads and cross the country’s largest river, The Naryn, on horseback.

Caspian Sea and Silk Road Adventure

There’s also a remarkable 16 day adventure around the Caspian Sea as you travel over 4,000 miles through Azerbaijan, Iran, and Turkmenistan, crossing deserts and mountains, and exploring ancient cities and remote villages. You’ll have the chance to visit and be mesmerized by the archaeological site at Merv, the Golestan Palace in Tehran, and camp at one of the “100 Places to Visit Before You Die:” Darvaza Gas crater.

Each of these adventures is special to us and offers you the chance to immerse into a world where the ancient and the modern meet. These civilizations are among the oldest on Earth and you won’t fail to fall in love with the people, the natural beauty, and the adrenaline filled physical challenges.

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