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Time to Samba – Rio Carnival 2016

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5th February 2016 – Today the biggest carnival in the world kicks off for a long weekend of wild samba celebrations. The Rio Carnival 2016 is known as the benchmark against which all other carnivals pitch themselves against. It’s the mother of all parties with over half a million foreign visitors joining the samba parade every year.

If you’re planning a trip to Rio Carnival 2016 be sure to check out all the Rio Carnival 2016 events taking place. Take the time to read up on the Rio Carnival’s history and book yourself Rio Carnival 2016 tickets for the most exciting shows and events. Remember, looking the part is half the experience so check out the famous costumes for the 2016 Samba Parade and Sambodromo and make sure you leave space in your bag to pack something epic to wear.

Not able to be there? Get in the spirit by listening to some Rio Carnival samba songs!

Enjoy Rio Carnival 2016 with these 4 Top Tips

  1. Leave your jewellery at home and get into the spirit of the festivities with cheap beads, disco lights, feathers and as many sequins as you can stick to your t-shirt.
  2. For the best views at the Sambadrome you want to be in the cadeiras (ground level terrace seats), the arquibancadas (terrace seats) or the camarotes (boxes). FREE STUFF ALERT** If you’re lucky enough to have a Sambadrome ticket with ‘Sector 13’ on it you’ll have the chance to rescue and wear costumes left behind by samba school competitors.
  3. Be sure to samba with the locals – there will be no shortage of dance partners out there to shake it with.
  4. Banks are closed during carnival and cash machines can run out early so withdraw enough money to keep you going before you arrive and keep it safe by keep emergency money in your bra or underwear and wear a money belt in case of pickpockets who will be out in their droves.

Have a great time and send us photos!

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