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Top 10 adventure journeys in 2016

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We’re mad about journeys – both physical and personal – and know many of you are too. Over the past week we’ve had the daunting task of compiling our Top 10 adventure journeys in 2016.

All the exciting journeys feature on our website alongside an unrivalled collection of unusual and inspiring adventure travel experiences for curious adventure seekers.

The list features a mix of active and culture-rich A to B trips in the great outdoors. They are packed to the rafters with epic landscapes, incredible wild and marine life, cultural encounters and personal challenges around the world.

Lao Tzu is famously quoted as saying “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” … well, perhaps this is it.

Kick back, put the kettle on, or crack open a bottle of wine and get ready to compose your work resignation letter because you’re going to need lots of time off in 2016.

1. Great Silk Road

Travel the entirety of the largest branch of the Silk Road in a 47 day epic journey across Asia. A huge adventure covering a distance of 12,000 km from Beijing to Istanbul.

Explore the natural landscapes and fascinating cultures of the vastly different countries of China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, and Iran.

Highlights include visiting more than 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites, meeting the Kyrgyz, Uzbek, Uighur, and Turkmen people, crossing the Toi Dek Pass (3554m) and visiting the Overhanging Wall and the fort at the end of the Great Wall. Find out more

2. Horse Ride Across the Andes

Horse ride across the Andes and discover rural Gaucho culture. Explore a remote and stunningly beautiful area of northern Patagonia between Chile and Argentina in one of the world’s most magnificent mountain ranges.

Travel along old smugglers routes, crisscross rivers, explore ancient forests and skirt around brilliant blue lakes – stopping to fish or swim in the calm and crystal clear waters. Find out more

3. Sail Cape Town to France – Atlantic Equator Crossing

This exciting 67 day voyage on board a 100 year old Dutch tall ship covers 4,900 nautical miles over three sailing legs (24, 30 and 14 days each).

The first leg from Cape Town to Ascension Island will also stop at the beautiful island of St Helena. The second leg from Ascension Island to Horta, Azores includes the Equator crossing. The final leg to France is from Horta, Azores to Brest, France.

Adventure seekers join as ‘voyage crew’ and get involved in all elements of running this traditional tall ship including sail handling, navigation and taking the helm. No previous experience is needed but passion for adventure is essential. Find out more

4. Road Trip West Africa

An epic adventure through six West African countries in 42 days – Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Liberia and Ghana. Experience life off the beaten track.

With so few visitors compared to the east coast of the African continent, West Africa is a gem that’s waiting to welcome intrepid travellers. Explore fascinating culture, wildlife, beaches, tribal music, ceremonial dance, architecture and awe inspiring landscapes.

This is a journey that’s designed for the adventurer who wants to see it all and with Sierra Leone and Liberia both declared clear of Ebola there couldn’t be a better time to visit with a small group of like-minded adventurous spirits. Find out more

5. In Search of Vikings

Explore ancient ports on a historic sailing voyage from Scotland to Iceland following the old route of the Vikings. Take in the Orkneys, Faroes and Shetlands on this 21 day hands-on sailing trip finishing in Iceland – where fire and ice meet to create an ever changing and ever evolving landscape.

Sailors will join 15 others on board a traditional family run old Herring drifter (Logger) built in 1915. Highlights of this hands-on trip include discovering the Orkneys, Shetlands, Faroes, and Outer Hebrides all in one remarkable voyage. No previous sailing experience is needed. Find out more

6. Salt Flats and Inca Ruins – A Journey from Lima to La Paz

Journey through Peru and Bolivia and experience some of the most varied landscapes and fascinating archaeological sites in South America. This 16 day adventure takes in the region’s most famous cities and natural sights including the infamous Machu Picchu, ancient Cuzco, the world’s highest capital La Paz, tranquil Lake Titicaca and the wilderness of the Bolivian Salt Flats.

Highlights include roaming the ruins of Machu Picchu, exploring Bolivia’s salt flats and colourful lakes by 4WD, a home stay with a Lake Titicaca family, partying in the lively city of La Paz, visiting the Inca ruins at Ollantaytambo and sampling the world-famous food of Peru in its capital Lima.
Find out more

7. Peak to Sea Madagascar

This remarkable Madagascar expedition comes with a primary challenge: to adventure across the African island by foot at pack raft.

Madagascar is known as the world’s eighth continent for its astonishing fauna and flora. Team members will need to be fit and determined to scale a huge granite massif and summit Pic Boby at 2,658m (Madagascar’s second highest peak) before plunging into some of the last untouched and virgin forests in the country.

If mountains and jungle were not enough adventure, the final push is a three-day expedition river journey in two-person whitewater rafts, following a remote, untamed and wild river to the coast. Find out more

8. Motorbike the World’s Highest Roads – Manali to Leh

This is India like you’ve never imagined. Leave behind the chaotic markets and crazy traffic and head north, into the Himalayan Mountains to motorbike the world’s highest roads on this adventure from Manali to Leh.

Ride across the world’s highest and mostly challenging ‘motorable’ pass – Khardung La – Ascend 8000 ft in less than 30 minutes and take in the stunning views of the Kangri Mountains and Zanskar Valley.

Set up camp beside gorgeous high altitude lakes, scale the highest passes in India, cross deserts, and absorb stunning views of the huge mountain ranges. Meet the Bhoti people, high altitude nomads who make their living on the high plains in the summer. Cross the high passes of Baralacha (10,000 ft), Lachlung La (16,300 ft), and Chang La (17,500 ft). Find out more

9. Cycle Central America

The narrow isthmus between Central and South America lends itself perfectly to a multi country two-wheeled journey of discovery.

From Granada’s colonial hub to Panama City’s bustling excitement, this ride through three Central American countries will see riders exploring the steamy rainforests of Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano at La Fortuna, and the island paradise of Bocas del Toro.

The journey will take in a visit Lake Nicaragua (a nature lovers paradise), a cruise alongside the Tenorio River, crocodile spotting along the Tenorio River and snorkelling in Panama’s reefs. Find out more

10. Congo River in the Footsteps of Stanley

This epic journey from Kinshasa to Kisangani will retrace a part of the extraordinary passage taken by Henry Morton Stanley in 1874 along the Congo (DRC) River. Almost two weeks of the trip are on board a river boat,covering roughly 1,700 Km of one of Africa’s most powerful and impressive rivers made infamous in Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’.
Find out more

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