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Top 10 Trips for Adventurous Trekkers

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Whether it’s a high mountain climb, a long trek through the wilderness or exploring a different culture on foot, we love a trekking adventure.

There’s nothing quite like the accomplishment of crossing a mountain, desert or plain on your own two feet. Its certainly one of the best ways to get to know a country as you get up close to its geography, culture and wildlife.

We all love the celebrated classic routes, whether its hiking to Machu Picchu or climbing up Kilimanjaro. However there are so many other trekking destinations to explore that are equally exciting, and challenging. Below are our handpicked top 10 adventure treks for 2016 that you might not have heard of (well thats what we’re here for). So why not get off the beaten path and take a different route in 2016.

Trek the Eastern Hajar Mountains of Oman

This trek through the Eastern Hajar Mountains of Oman in two words can be described as: truly spectacular. You won’t believe what this small but striking country has to offer the intrepid and adventure-loving traveller.

Trek Iraq Mountain Expedition

A unique 9 day expedition to trek in the majestic Zagros Mountains of Kurdistan, Northern Iraq and to climb Mount Halgurd (3,607m). One for the most adventurous trekkers out there.

Trekking in Iran

Explore a greener, quieter side of Iran walking in the wonderful Alborz Mountains. Rising from the Caspian Sea this mountain range is a world away from the cities and deserts that the country is known for. This adventure takes you into a seldom visited part of the country and follows the route that Freya Stark wrote about in the 1930’s classic, ‘The Valley of the Assassins.’

Panama Gap Jungle Trek

This jungle trek aims to cross the Darien gap from Puerto Quimba to Playa Muerto in order to locate lost Petroglyphs and chart a previously unexplored area of rainforest, accompanied by indigenous Embera tribes.

Pakistan Trekking Adventure

This Pakistan trekking adventure to K2 Base Camp and Concordia in the north of the country includes walking the entire length of the 62km Baltoro Glacier leading into the most glaciated high mountain terrain on the planet. Seven of the world’s 25 highest peaks rise above you.

Wild Walk in Palestine

The rich landscapes of this much disputed land is riddled with long distance footpaths that provide a fascinating insight into a region that has lain at the crossroads of world history for over three millennia. One such trail is the so-called ‘Path of Abraham’ which runs from south-east Turkey to the deserts of the Jordan Valley.

Madagascar from Peak to Sea Expedition

This Madagascar Trekking Expedition comes with a primary challenge: to adventure across the African island of Madagascar – know as the world’s eighth continent for its astonishing fauna and flora.

Trek Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor

The aim of the expedition in 2016 is to navigate from the Little Pamir to the Big Pamir via the Showr Pass. A journey to the roof of the world.

Siberia Volcano Trekking Expedition to Kamchatka

The primary aim of this expedition is to trek amongst Europe’s highest and most spectacular active volcanoes – including Klyucheyskaya Sopka (4750m), which last erupted in September 2013 and is the highest active volcano in Eurasia.

Lut Desert Trek in Iran

This trekking expedition through Iran’s Lut Desert follows in the footsteps of Marco Polo and Thesiger and crosses the hottest place on earth. You’ll be trekking during the “cool” season and the adventure takes you to lunar landscapes, star dunes, and a cornucopia of geological phenomenon.

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