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Top 10 Unusual Adventure Holidays

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At Another World Adventures, we know that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to adventure travel experiences. That’s why we offer such a wide range of unique trips with our experienced operators, so we know that we’ll have the right one for you.

If what gets you excited is the unusual and unique, we have you covered! Here is a list of our top 10 unusual adventure trips to inspire your next journey.

1. Siberian Arctic Expedition with Reindeer Herders

Who doesn’t love a reindeer? Choose an unusual trip to Siberia to spend over two weeks with herds of them to get your fix and a dose of adventure at the same time. Twice a year the Nenets on the Yamal Peninsula migrate 60km across the frozen Ob, a bay of the Arctic Ocean. It’s an intense migration where it’s vital to keep moving, so this trip is for those who like to push themselves. The migration ends at the annual reindeer festival in Yar Sale where you can watch reindeer racing and other traditional sports. Book this unique Reindeer Expedition.

2. Fat Bike Namibia Cycle Adventure

Ever thought about exploring a desert by bike? This adventure cycling through Namibia mixes fat bike riding with glorious wild desert landscapes that lions, elephants and giraffes call home. Additional highlights include a safari in Etosha National Park and visiting the red sandstone table mountain at Waterberg National Park. With no requirement of prior fat biking riding experience, just a moderate level of fitness, it’s a great opportunity to see the Namibian landscape from a completely unique perspective. Find out more about Fat Bike Expeditions in Namibia.

3. Republic of Congo Packraft Expedition

Travel into the Congolese jungle to stay with remote hunter-gatherer communities and learn more about their culture and traditions. To reach these remote tribes, you will travel for two days by packraft down a remote jungle river to reach the first village. Once you arrive in the community, the schedule is set by your hosts in the village and you will be expected to join in with day-to-day life and assist with the chores that are required for a successful jungle existence. This will include domestic chores, as well as the opportunity to join hunting/ gathering sorties. Find out more about this unique jungle expedition in the Republic of Congo.

4. Balotra Fair India Horse Riding Holiday

If you prefer your adventures to be experienced from the back of a horse, look no further than the Balotra Fair horse riding trip. Kicking off at the Jodphur Horse Fair, you’ll experience markets, lake-side camping and leopard safaris. Your equine partner for this adventure will be a local Marwari – a rare horse breed known for their curved ears that touch at the tip. Join this Indian Horse Riding Adventure.

5. Raja Ampat Sailing Expedition

Want the experience of diving without actually having to dive? This expedition to the Coral Triangle in Indonesia provides all the extraordinary biodiversity that you’d usually have to go deeper to find, but it’s all within reach by snorkelling. To add to your adventure, your home for the trip is a sailboat in the style of a Melanesian outrigger and you will have the chance to experience more local culture during visits to shore. Find out more about joining the Raja Ampat Sailing Expedition.

Raja Ampat Sailing Expedition
Balotra Fair India horse riding holiday

6. Finnish Dog Sledding

Explore Finnish lapland by dog sled on this unique adventure. Travelling through remote wilderness, you will experience a landscape that includes frozen lakes, pine forests and the dramatic Pallastunturi Fells… and all from behind your own dog sled. You will learn all the important aspects of dog sledding, taking an active role in the care of your dog team and camp management under the supervision of your expert guides as you travel from hut to hut. Find out more about this Dog Sledding Adventure.

7. Explore Sudan’s Hidden Treasures

Walk in the footsteps of ancient civilisations on this cultural adventure to Sudan. You start your journey in the capital Khartoum, before heading out to cross the Nubian desert, visiting temples and the Meroe Pyramids. Stay in a desert camp before heading back to the bustling city for a whirling dervish ceremony before you depart. Experience the ancient sites of Sudan.

8. Russian Expedition: Permafrost Railway and Ysyakh Festival

Visit one of the enigmatic places on earth – Siberia – by rail. Travelling on two great feats of railway engineering, the Baikul-Amur Railway and the Permafrost Express, you will gain access to Yakutsk – the largest city built on permafrost. Arriving at the beginning of summer, you can join the local festival to learn more about Yakut sports and culture in the day, and dance and feast in the evenings. Another highlight is visiting a bison nursery in the Ust-Buotama National Park. Find out more about this Russian Rail Expedition.

9. Trek the Wakhan in Afghanistan

If you get your kicks in the mountains, trekking the Wakhan Corridor might be just the unusual adventure you’re looking for. Travelling by car and foot, on this trip you will visit the land of the Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamir – considered to be one of the world’s least visited nomadic cultures. After a journey that includes one of the world’s highest roads, you will have the opportunity to meet Kyrgyz and Wakhi nomads at their summer grazing. Staying in communal rooms or camping, this is a trip best suited to those who are in search of a rustic adventure. Book this Trekking Adventure in Afghanistan.

10. Sail Around the World as Crew on a Square Rigger

There are some adventures that are more about the journey than the destination, and joining a square rigger tall ship is one that should be on the top of your list. On this trip you’ll quite literally learn the ropes, as you support the experienced crew on board in guiding the impressive boat from port to port – visiting tiny island communities and bustling cities on the route. Helping with everything from cooking to taking charge of the helm, this is an experience to learn how to sail as part of a working team. Join for part of all of the trip. Find out more about Sailing on a Square Rigger.

Looking for something different for your next adventure? Check out all our available trips to find your ideal unusual adventure holiday.

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