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Top 4 Women in Adventure Books to Inspire You

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Top 4 Women in Adventure Books to Inspire You

Whilst international travel remains a logistical nightmare / not possible, reading can be an open road.

From novels to memoir, the written word allows the imagination to explore the furthest corners of the earth. The writer’s mind can open doors into new cultures, countries, and landscapes. From Morocco to Iran, from China to the Gulf – the selection below will take you on a journey – with the smell and taste of adventure.      

Hideous Kinky by Esther Freud

Esther Freud wrote Hideous Kinky as an autobiographical novel, based on her childhood travelling across Morocco in the 1960s. Through the eyes of a five-year-old named Lucy, you are plunged into the souks of the Marrakesh, assaulted by the smells, spices and dirt of the city. Lucy, her sister Bea, and her mother are staying in a cheap hotel trying to survive by selling handsewn dolls in the street market. For their mother, the journey is a rejection of the conventions of sixties Britain, and a search for self-fulfilment. The children, however, crave the stability of home and mashed potato. Following the ups and downs of their journey, we see the Marrakesh streets through the eyes of a young girl, at times threatening but often beguiling.   

If you want more inspiration on travelling in Morocco, look no further than this page for an exciting women’s expedition.

Girls of Riyadh – Rajaa al-Sanea

Reading the Girls of Riyadh is like drawing a curtain back on a world that is hidden and cloaked in stereotypes. Describing the loves and losses of young girls in Saudi Arabia, the book follows Lamees, Michelle, Gamrah, and Sadeem as they look for love. Written in a series of emails sent out to a growing mailing list of followers. It crushes stereotypes, flirts with controversy, and opens up the cultural expectations and shifts of the Gulf. For any reader with an interest in contemporary Middle Eastern culture, with an eye to travelling the Gulf would enjoy this delicious read. 

If you wanted to learn more about travelling in the Middle East region, there are a number of ways to explore the landscape and culture. Find out more about our Middle East adventures.

*We’ve linked to the books via Amazon where Another World Adventures has an affiliate account so if you decided to order a copy having clicked on the link we may earn a small sellers commission*

Wild – Cheryl Strayed 

Wild is a memoir of self- discovery and a love letter to the wilderness of Western America. A true to life account of hiking 1,100-miles along the Pacific Crest Trail, alone. After losing her mother, her marriage and descending into drug addiction, Strayed makes the choice to hike the trail to save her life. She does not shy away from describing the challenges she endures on her hike. Strayed faces rattle snakes, physical exhaustion, injury, and isolation. Nature is the challenger and the healer in this inspirational account. We follow her on a brutal challenge and journey of self- discovery. We travel through the deserts of Southern California northwards into the wilderness of Yosemite National Park, across the snow-capped Cascade mountains into the lush green forests on the border of Oregon to Washington State.   

Wild will leave you inspired to see the wilderness of North America, don’t miss the opportunities to explore North America.

Revolutionary Ride  – Lois Pryce 

Lois Pryce is a seasoned traveller and writer, hopping on her motorbike to cycle the length of Africa and South America. In 2011, she was inspired to travel around Iran. Despite the ever-present political tensions and official warnings against travelling to the country, she set off alone on a 3,000-mile ride from Tabriz to Shiraz. Her extraordinary experiences on her journey, reveal the heart of a country far beyond a totalitarian government. She has a sharp sense of humour and the ability to see the beauty beyond the political in this country. She was met with great hospitality, friendship, and warmth. Through her eyes, you can journey from the busy cities onto the open road, across deserts to lush mountains. The Revolutionary Ride is a slice of the real contemporary Iran , with all the contradictions of religion to hedonism. 

If you want some examples of trips you could take to Iran, here’s where to look for Iran adventures.

Post by: Natalie Pougher 

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