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Top 5 Travel Tips for 2022

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It’s that time of the year where we start looking forward to what is coming up in the next year and for many of us, that means exploring new potential travel plans. If you are looking to travel safely and responsibly in 2022, we have some top tips to get you back out there! 

1. Read the Small Print
Due to COVID many travel operators have changed their terms and conditions. This means you need to check what you are committing to before you go ahead. Particularly look at the COVID cancellation policies, which do vary from provider to provider. You might be pleasantly surprised as many are either offering full refunds or rebooking if you have to cancel due to changing COVID travel rules or even, sometimes, for a COVID outbreak in your group.

2. Take out Adequate Insurance
This should have already been on your travel checklist, but make sure you have insurance that covers you for everything you need – from lost luggage to medical expenses. If you are planning any adventure activities like climbing, skiing or sailing or you are going to a particularly remote location, don’t forget to check if you need to add it as an extra. Insurance should be taken out BEFORE you book to make sure as much of the trip is covered as possible.

3. Stay up-to-date on Health and Entrance Requirements
Yes, ok, you need to know about COVID rules and have your COVID vaccination pass at the ready, but don’t get distracted. There are plenty of other requirements for travel depending on the country that you are visiting, including additional vaccinations like yellow fever or visa requirements. Make sure that you regularly check the requirements right up to the time you travel to avoid any disappointment. Also bear in mind that some countries may be open, but could have medical services that are overwhelmed due to COVID. Try to be sensitive to the current climate in your travel choices, vulnerable communities or overworked medical services.

Fez Tanneries, Morocco

4. Keep the Big Picture in Mind
It might feel like every time you plan something in our current unprecedented times that you can never be sure it will go ahead. After so many disappointments over the last 18 months, you are not alone. However, the world is starting to open up where it is safe to do so, local travel operators are keen to restart their businesses and new safer refund options are available for if COVID interrupts your plans. Now is the time to start thinking about the big picture again and restarting your adventures. Just remember to stay flexible in case of disruption.

5. Don’t Limit Yourself
Finally thinking about taking that trip you’ve put off over the last few years, but now you can’t find quite the right fit? Another World Adventures offers a bespoke travel service – you tell us what is important to you and we can design your dream adventure for you, you and your partner, your family, your friendship group or your business. Just contact us to start the process. 

Another World Adventures works with local operators all over the world to bring you unique travel experiences – find your next adventure for 2022 here! If you have a very specific trip in mind, contact us and we can help you organise a bespoke trip for you, you and your partner, family, work groups and more! 

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