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Top travel picks for 2019

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Lonely Planet’s  top ten travel picks for 2019 range from Zimbabwe, to Jordan and Belize.

There are options for the seasoned traveller and for those wishing to dip their toes into a new world of adventure. Luckily Another World Adventures has it all wrapped up, with trips in three of the more unusual of the Lonely Planet’s recommended destinations: Sri Lanka, Panama and Kyrgyzstan.

Where to travel in 2019

Sri Lanka Spice Trails Cycle Tour

The gates for tourism have opened wide on this stunning Island, offering abundant wildlife, lush beaches and ancient monuments to admire. Another World Adventures recommends this trip using two wheels to explore the Island, and the imperial tea estates for which Sri Lanka was renowned. Imagine riding through the tea plantations, stopping off to taste tea brewed fresh from the estates. Cycling across the hill country of what was once known as the ‘pearl of the Indian Ocean’, exploring temples and spotting elephants, is a truly unique way to explore the Island. For more details check out the trip page.

Panama Jungle Trek to the Darien Gap

Lying at the cross roads between Central and South America is Panama. This is a small country of white sandy beaches, dense rainforest and a hugely diverse ecosystem.  Another World Adventures’ top pick is a trip that will test the limits of a true explorer. A two week trek allowing travellers to venture into the rarely visited Darien Gap, an infamous stretch of jungle, which you will attempt to conquer. You will cut through the wild jungle following little used paths, sleeping in hammocks at night and eating local fish.  You can meet the indigenous Embera Indians and go in search of the ancient Petroglyphs. This is a thrilling jungle challenge not for the faint hearted.  Go to the trip page for full details and to make an application to join the team.

Kyrgyzstan Mountaineering Expedition

Kyrgyzstan is an unspoilt landscape that is starting to become a hot destination for travellers. At Another World Adventures we love this challenging mountaineering trip that will take you deep into the remote Tien Shan Mountains. Over fourteen days you can traverse the unexplored peaks of this breath taking mountain range.  This is a mountaineering expedition that will see you attempting to climb peaks reaching 4800 metres. Surrounded by breath taking landscapes, experiencing the nomadic lifestyle of the Kyrgyz shepherds and ascending the peaks of the ‘Mountain of Heaven’ is a unique travelling experience. For more details about this challenging expedition make an enquiry via the trip page.

Choose your top travel picks for 2019

There is a world of choice for the wanderer’s calendar on the Lonely Planet list: spanning from Belarus to the little known, unspoilt Islands of São Tomé and Príncipe. You could enjoy the cosmopolitan cafes of Minsk or the unrivalled marine life around Tomé and Príncipe. The Lonely Planet gives you a taste for imaginative travel ideas for 2019, but for real inspiration, original and trusted expeditions, look no further than Another World Adventures.

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