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Trip ideas for career breaks & grown up gap years

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Could now be the right time in your life to shake up the daily 9-5 and take a career break or ‘grown up gap year’? Every year thousands of people decide to take anything between 1 and 6 months away from the day job to do something different and some of our favourite enquires come from clients who are looking to do just that.

Whilst the more cynical might see these breaks as just an excuse to take a long holiday (and what’s wrong with that?!), a good chunk of time away can offer many other benefits. Learn new skills, explore a potential area of work, get a fresh perspective on what really matters to you, or just disconnect and ‘reset’ your brain making you more productive on your return.

A career break can be the perfect opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and adventure travel offers the opportunity to do this whilst exploring a new part of the world.

Here are some of our favourite trip ideas for career breaks and grown up gappers.

Go Overland

If you’ve always dreamed of Africa then how about joining a small but intrepid group of travellers on a 20 day adventure truck overlanding trip from from Cape Town to Victoria Falls? Experience the untouched beauty of the Namib Desert, the lush wildlife-filled landscapes of the Okavango Delta and the thundering roar of the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Or you could follow in the footsteps of ancient warriors and traders along the Silk Road. This overland adventure across Asia from Beijing in China to Istanbul in Western Turkey covers 12,000 Kms, six countries and a whole lot of history.

Cross an Ocean

Run away to sea on a month-long transatlantic crossing from Europe to South America where you are the crew. Don’t know how to sail? No problem as you’ll learn as you go. Before long you’ll be climbing the rigging, helming the ship and sailing by the stars.

Got some sailing experience? Well in that case why not take it to the next level. Join the crew of a racing yacht in the biggest trans-ocean rally or race in the world on this transatlantic racing adventure.

Have the ride of your life

Has your motorbike has seen more ‘A’ roads than off-roading in the last few years? Then how about tearing it up along some of the best mountain roads in one of the world’s most fascinating countries on this Spiti Valley adventure. Nepal is bouncing back from the tragic earthquake in 2015 and its high twisting roads, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fascinating history, rare wildlife, delicious food, and welcoming people make it a wonderful destination for a big motorbike trip. Ride in the shadow of the mighty Annapurna, through jungles and plains, and along the Nepal-Tibet border.

If you prefer pedal power then what about a coast to coast cycle journey through Costa Rica? Take in lush rainforest, spectacular volcanos, fertile coffee plantations and beautiful beaches. A world away from your daily commute.

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