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Ultimate Alaska Road Trip Play List

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An Alaskan road trip is a gateway to a world of untamed beauty and rugged adventure. Picture this: winding roads that carve through towering mountains, vast expanses of wilderness stretching as far as the eye can see, and the chance to witness wildlife in its natural habitat. The landscapes shift from majestic glaciers to dense forests, and the possibilities for exploration seem endless.

Then imagine doing it in a converted old-blue school bus.

For years I’ve been working with David and Nat who love sharing their passion to see new places, cultures and people with others – especially if they can highlight the amazing beauty and adventures available in the wilds of Alaska,  Western Canada and the Southwest of the USA.

Their converted blue bus is as unique as their road trip adventures.

I caught up with them to find out what’s been on their playlist after a summer on the road in Alaska…


The Alaska Highway, with its iconic views and wildlife sightings, offers a sense of freedom and awe that’s hard to match especially when you’re driving beneath the midnight sun, the landscape bathed in a soft golden glow.

The groups that journey with our friends up in Alaska in their big blue bus encounter moose meandering near the roadside, eagles soaring overhead, and grizzly bears foraging for food – plus much more.

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The small, charming towns along the way invite you to experience the unique Alaskan culture and hospitality. From Fairbanks to Anchorage, each stop offers a chance to connect with locals, savor fresh seafood, and learn about the history of the Last Frontier.

And let’s not forget the Northern Lights—Alaska is one of the best places on Earth to witness this breathtaking natural light show. Imagine camping under the starlit sky, waiting for the auroras to dance and paint the heavens with vibrant colors.


An Alaskan road trip is not just a journey through landscapes; it’s an immersion in the raw and unbridled spirit of the wilderness, a chance to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, and an adventure that leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

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Alaska Road Trip Play List

And so, as winter in the ‘north’ draws in, I wanted to reflect on some of the top tracks that were on the 2023 Alaska Road Trip Play List this year and share some photos from the fun.

I have had the time of my life – Dirty Dancing
Mamma mia – ABBA
North to Alaska – Johnny Horton
Beautiful Life – Ace of Base
F* her gently – Tenacious D
This is the life- Amy McDonalds
Uptown girl – Billy Joel
Eye of the Tiger – survivor
Ring of Fire – Johnny cash
Roar – Katy Perry

David and Nat’s overland vehicle is unique in North America.

The overland vehicle (the converted US school bus) provides ample space for everyone to stretch out along with providing at least 8 passengers tables for card playing or writing in their journals. The multitudes of windows are big and open easily to allow you to take pictures at any time from the best angles. The overland vehicle becomes a large part of the experience and even is considered by most as their “home”. This includes in detail:

  • Viewing platform on top of vehicle for taking 360 Degree pictures of wildlife or landscape
  • Wood rack to carry firewood for campfires
  • Interior tables for at least 8 people to write journals or play cards during the ride
  • Coolers for drinks and food
  • Individual overhead lockers for personal belongings
  • Overhead lights and speakers (to switch on and off individually)
  • Individual seats (no benches) which are fitted with seatbelts
  • Plenty of windows which are not tinted and open for maximum view and possibility to take photos at any time
  • On-board safe for passenger passports and money
  • Safety rating of the overland vehicle (statistics show that school buses built after 1977 are 8 times safer than passenger vehicles)
  • Overland Vehicle that withstands the worst gravel roads

Check out their trips and get in touch to connect with them for your next roadtrip adventure!

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