Unusual Adventure holidays

Unusual Adventure Holidays

  • 07 Dec 2019 i
    10 days £1,939.00

    Active Galapagos: Walk, Boat and Bike

    Amazing wildlife, both on land and underwater as you wander, bike and boat around the incredible Galapagos

  • 21 Dec 2019 i
    18 days £3,030.00

    Costa Rica Raft Kayak and Hike Adventure

    It's action stations as you raft, snorkel, kayak & hike your way through Costa Rica on this outdoor adventure

  • New!
    12 Dec 2019 i
    8 days £1,119.00

    Cuban Active Adventure

    See Cuba from a different perspective - with a rich variety of activities and culture

  • 02 Dec 2019 i
    7 days £930.00

    Cycle Cuba

    Cycling through Caribbean Cuba gives you unique access to parts of the island that are off the beaten track

  • 14 Dec 2019 i
    13 days £2,399.00

    Cycling Colombia

    Rewarding cycling in a beautiful region of rural Colombia along the western slopes of the central Andes

  • New!
    14 Dec 2019 i
    15 days £1,999.00

    Cycling in Cuba

    Cycle through Western and Central Cuba to discover its culture, natural beauty and Revolutionary history

  • 22 Dec 2019 i
    12 days £1,799.00

    Fat Bike Namibia Cycle Adventure

    Enjoy magnificent and diverse Namibian landscapes on an epic fat bike adventure through the desert sands

  • Horse Ride Across the Andes _7_
    03 Dec 2019 i
    14 days £2,500.00

    Horse Ride Across the Andes

    A 14 day horse ride across the Andes through a remote and stunningly beautiful area of northern Patagonia. 

  • 22 Dec 2019 i
    10 days £1,205.00

    North Thailand by Road Bike

    A rider's dream over lush green mountains with rewarding climbs and thrilling descents along the Mekong River.

  • 07 Dec 2019 i
    8 days £1,105.00

    Southern Laos by Bike

    Ride wild mountains, dense forests, and the great Mekong river as you discover southern Laos by bike.

  • 15 Dec 2019 i
    12 days £1,770.00

    Sri Lanka Cycle Tour – Spice Trails

    Be captivated by the romance, colour and spice of Sri Lanka, a truly remarkable destination to ride through.

  • Dates TBA
    12 days £1,479.00

    Sri Lanka Mixed Activity

    Enjoy trekking, cycling , snorkelling and whitewater rafting on an action-packed adventure around Sri Lanka

  • 07 Dec 2019 i
    12 days £1,140.00

    Thailand – Hike, Bike and Kayak

    An all action adventure trek steamy rainforests, kayak the River Kwai on kayaks and explore Chiang Mai by bike

  • 14 Dec 2019 i
    19 days £4,699.00

    Trails of New Zealand

    An active adventure by foot and boat exploring New Zealand's most epic trails north and south

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