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Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor Expedition

Duration: 22 days
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Explore fascinating north-east Afghanistan by horse & foot on this Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor expedition.

The aim of the Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor expedition in 2018 is to navigate from the Little Pamir to the Big Pamir via the Showr Pass. A journey to the roof of the world.

For generations pioneering adventurers have been coming to this remote valley – even today it’s a strong source of motivation for the boldest of travellers.  Join the likes of Marco Polo, Lord Curzon and John Wood (Britons on a mission to expand the British Empire), Sir Auriel Stein (archeologist following the footsteps of Alexander’s great army), and the innumerable mountaineers of the 20th century who plied their trade in the Wakhan before moving on to conquer the Himalayas.

Not super familiar (yet) with the Wakhan?  The corridor is a slice of land pointing east from Afghanistan to China.  To the north lies Tajikstan and to the south lies Pakistan.  At the far eastern end of the corridor the three mighty ranges of the Karakoram, the Hindu Kush, and the Pamir converge and form what is known as the Pamir Knot.

In the Afghan Pamir the steep valleys give way to higher altitude valleys – the Little and Big Pamir.  They form two large U-shaped mountain valleys that provide the nomads with abundant grazing each summer, but which are so high in altitude that they are impassable  due to snow for six months of the year.

This is a challenging expedition designed for the truly bold at heart.  Enquire today to learn more about your adventure trek into the Wakhan Corridor.

*as at Feb 2023, please note these are holding dates for the 2024 expedition on our site so please make an enquiry for an update!*

Why you'll love this adventure

  • Enjoy the generous hospitality of the Kyrgyz and Wakhi people and, if lucky, learn how to play Buzkashi
  • Follow in the footsteps of John Wood, Lord Curzon, and Francis Younghusband and relive The Great Game
  • Be stunned by the mountain scenery as you trek through an area not frequently explored
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Trip Duration
22 Days
Group Size
Hiking & Trekking
Style of Travel
Guided Group, Private Departure, Solo Traveller




1 July 2024



22 July 2024


Rather than guided tours with set daily plan this expedition is run with a framework itinerary. The following is the outline plan for this Trek Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor Expedition – the ‘substance’ rather than the specifics. A fuller itinerary is provided in the Trek Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor Expedition Handbook which is available when you make an enquiry.

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What's included

  • Professional expedition leader with full communications kit and medical kit.
  • In-country support.
  • All transport as outlined in the itinerary.
  • Use of horses and pack animals throughout.
  • Tented accommodation throughout.
  • All food (snacks and meals) and soft drinks.

Not included

  • International flights/ travel to and from Dushanbe.
  • Travel insurance (obligatory).
  • Visas where relevant.
  • Tips to local guides (discretionary).
  • Alcohol unless provided by hosts with meals.
  • Personal equipment (full kit list in the Handbook).
  • Beverages and any costs of a personal nature.

Trip notes



Min age



Accommodation will be in a basic guesthouses in Tajikistan and the Wakhan valley on the drive at either end of the trek. These often have communal rooms where everybody sleeps. While trekking for approx. 11 days, you’ll wild camp. If lucky, the team might be invited into a yurt or small nomadic shelter for the evening. There are few frills up in the mountains, but what you will witness in these rugged valleys will leave a lasting impression.


In Tajikistan, food is usually kebab and bread-based. In Afghanistan it is rice and bread based, with occasional yak-milk yoghurt. While trekking a cook will prepare rice, potato and pasta dishes which are basic but good. Most meals tend to feature milky tea and bread, with cheese or stew for special occasions. While the organiser will provide enough calories throughout, teammates are advised to bring their favourite trail snacks along to supplement provisions and to keep individual morale high when the going gets tough. Due to the reality of this expedition, as outlined in these pages, accommodating special dietary requirements is a challenge (beyond straight vegetarianism which is easier as meat is not plentiful nor usually included in meals in the region) as the team leader will be limited in-country to what is available.

Who is this trip for?

This expedition is achievable by anyone with a healthy lifestyle and a good level of general fitness.

Team members should be willing to be part of a team working together to achieve the goal of the expedition. As a team member, you should have an adventurous and robust spirit. The biggest challenge on this expedition will be the many consecutive days of challenging trekking across rugged terrain, much of which at altitudes of 4000m+.

Applicants that make an enquiry will receive a Handbook with further expedition information.

The organisers offer Expedition Training Advice and are happy to speak to you about any fitness, health, training or kit questions that remain. Teammates who arrive without meeting the agreed minimum fitness requirements can jeopardise themselves and the expedition’s goal so do take training seriously, prepare as appropriate and arrive fit and ready to go! Teammates must be comfortable with the following.

Minimum fitness requirements

  • Trek: up to 25km per day
  • Daily activity: up to 10 hours’ trekking per day.
  • Carry: up to 12kg in a day sack.
  • Terrain: remote, uneven, snowy, icy, rocky, sometimes exposed terrain at up to 5000m.
  • Climate: Can be sunny in valleys and cold and windy at altitude. Averages are 3000m, 5 to 25C; 4000m, 15 to -2C; and 4500m, 10 to -7C.
  • Swim: not required though there will be river crossings to make.

Additional notes

The Wakhan Corridor

The Wakhan Corridor is a finger of land pointing eastwards from Afghanistan towards China, sandwiched by Tajikistan to the north and Pakistan to the south. The mighty ranges of the Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Pamir converge at the eastern end of the corridor, known as the Pamir Knot. In the Afghan Pamir, steep valleys open up to form wide, high-altitude valleys, the Big and Little Pamirs, where Wakhi and Kyrgyz nomads take advantage of lush grazing for their herds. The region is believed to have changed little since Alexander the Great’s army came close in 326 BC.

Geology of the Pamir

The Pamirs are characterised by large U-shaped mountain valleys that provide abundant grazing grass during summer, but are covered by snow for six months of the year. In the Wakhan, two such large areas of grassland exist, the Big Pamir (Pamir Kalan or Pamir-e-Buzurg) and the Little Pamir (Pamir Khurd or Pamir-e-Kochak). These valleys are used by the semi-nomadic Wakhi for summer grazing, who return to the main valley in winter. The hardy Kyrgyz spend their time here all year round, suffering the cold and brutal winter. The Little Pamir is actually larger in area than the Big Pamir, but the higher altitude of the Big Pamir gives it its name.

Tajik, Kyrgyz and Wakhi groups

Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic society, and as part of this expedition you’ll meet people of many ethnicities. The Afghan national anthem mentions 14 of its cultural groups to give an idea of their importance. This expedition begins in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, whence the group sets off by road to reach its entry point into the Wakhan Corridor. The Tajiks are of Persian origin, and are found across the region. Wakhi people live around the Badakhshan region of north-eastern Afghanistan and are also found in Pakistan, Tajikistan and north-western China, where they, confusingly, are called Tajiks. In Afghanistan, the Wakhi folk themselves are known as the Pamiris. Kyrgyz folk are another prominent group in the region. A Turkic people mainly found in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan, you’ll meet and camp near many who now call the Wakhan Corridor pastures their summer home.


Will we ride horses?

This expedition is supported by horses and pack animals as you might have noted from the imagery. The horses are not there to be ridden regularly but are for support, and will be used to assist with river crossings and carrying kit. On occasion, teammates might be able to ride on a horse for short periods (to allow blisters to heal for example!) for which helmets will be provided. Teammates should arrive prepared to trek on foot for the duration of this expedition.

I’m a vegetarian. Can I join?

Teammates with dietary requirements are welcome to apply for this expedition and should state their specific requirements when applying. The food situation is outlined in the Practicalities tab. There are no frills in the mountains and local food supplies may be limited and basic, so a realistic approach to food is required on this expedition.

Can I charge all my electricals?

This will be very challenging with limited access to power once out of Dushanbe and certainly once the trekking section begins. Please ensure that you are self-sufficient in terms of charging your appliances by bringing things like spare batteries or lightweight solar panels.

Will there be telephone signal?

Teammates should not expect any signal or wifi once out of Dushanbe.

Do I need a visa?

Most nationalities require a visa to enter Tajikistan (double entry visa required) and Afghanistan (single entry visa required). For Tajikistan you also need a GBAO permit (Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast) to enter southern Tajikistan. Comprehensive information will be sent to teammates upon booking. Visas are teammates’ responsibility.

Do we fly into Kabul?

No, you fly into Dushanbe in Tajikistan and don’t go near Kabul on this expedition.

Do I need to cover?

Men should wear long trousers and long sleeves in Ishkhashim. Women should cover legs and arms and wear a headscarf. In Tajikistan women can wear T-shirts and no headscarf. When trekking in the mountains it will be possible to remove the headscarf, but when in villages or meeting new people on the way they will be necessary.

How can I find out more?

Send an enquiry and we’ll get in touch with full details for you.

Tour operator

When it comes to getting off the beaten track these guys can’t be beaten. They lead pioneering expeditions to some of the most remote regions on earth. The organisers are dedicated to creating imaginative experiences for adventurers around the world and their team of expert military guides are some of the most experienced in the industry. Nowhere is off limits and no idea is too crazy. They have achieved ground breaking world firsts such as mountain biking in Afghanistan and mountaineering in Iraq and their first ever expeditions to walk across Madagascar and pioneer white water rafting in South Sudan both made the headlines…. and a bit of history.

Being wild and wacky is one thing but with their background as commanders in the British Army and experienced team of specialists in every kind of terrain and environment means that all of their adventures are thoroughly planned and the safety and security of teams is always their highest priority. Expeditions can be inherently risky, but they do everything possible to minimise potential hazards and for that, and the utterly extraordinary trips they put on, we salute them.

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