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Atlantic Circuit Sailing Adventure

Duration: 15 days
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This is not just a trip; it's a daring odyssey along ancient trade routes, embracing the spirit of adventure and sustainable sailing.

Embark on a voyage of a lifetime aboard a two-masted sailing vessel which will weigh anchor and sets sail from the Netherlands in January 2025. 

The journey begins in Rotterdam and takes adventure seekers on six legs of exploration, each offering a unique perspective of the world.

Join one or more of the voyage legs of the Atlantic Circuit

Leg 1: Rotterdam, Netherlands > Lisbon, Portugal
January 2 – 19 2025 / 2 person cabin: 3.400,- / 3 person cabin 2.550,- euro pp

Leg 2: Transatlantic Westbound: Lisbon, Portugal  > Canary Islands > Cape Verde > French Guiana > Paramaribo, Suriname
21 January – February 24 / 2 person cabin: 7.900,- / 3 person cabin 5.590,- euro pp

Leg 3: Paramaribo, Suriname > Grenada
February 25 – March 5 / 2 person cabin: 2.070,- / 3 person cabin 1.710,- euro pp

Leg 4: Grenada > Martinique
March 6  – 14 / 2 person cabin: 2.610,- / 3 person cabin 2.070,- euro pp

Leg 5: Martinique > Saint Martin
March 15 – 27 / 2 person cabin: 3.600,- / 3 person cabin 2.900,- euro pp

Leg 6: Transatlantic Eastbound: Saint Martin > Bermuda > Azores > Rotterdam, Netherlands
March 30 – May 7 2025 / 2 person cabin: 7.990,- / 3 person cabin 6.100,- euro pp

From the sun-kissed shores of Lisbon to the coasts of French Guiana and Suriname, the ship and her crew will sail the Atlantic currents, surrounded by flying fish, jellyfish, and playful whales.

As you cruise south to Tobago, a former pirates’ haven, and then sail due north to Saint Martin, envision hidden gems—volcanic islands with lush rainforests, mystical cloud forests, and stunning waterfalls. This is the Caribbean as you’ve never seen it before.

Saint Martin marks the turning point for the return journey to Europe, with pit stops on Bermuda, the Azores, and the Channel Islands. Your 35-meter two-master, is not just a ship; it’s a thoroughbred sailing marvel, elegantly designed for ocean crossings. With room for 18 passengers in cozy cabins and a spacious day area below deck, it’s your home away from home.

Sailing across the ocean in this way is a low-carbon experience, and the organisers consider it a sustainable alternative to air travel. By joining this adventure, individuals take the first step towards eco-friendly intercontinental travel.

This is no ordinary cruise; it’s a journey for active souls, where sailing is a collective endeavor.

No prior sailing experience is necessary; the crew will teach you the ropes along the way.

Picture yourself standing watch under the star-studded night sky, the Milky Way stretching out before you, free from light pollution. The nights at sea are magical, and the days are filled with the thrill of the open ocean.

Arriving at port after a long sea voyage is an unrivaled experience—one that leaves individuals with sea legs and memories etched in the heart.

Join in for the whole Grand Tour or choose individual legs; the choice is yours.

Let’s set sail, explore, and make a positive impact on the world—one nautical mile at a time.

Enquire for full details and to connect with the crew office!

Why you'll love this adventure

  • New and experienced sailors welcome aboard, full training given
  • Perfect for solo travellers, friends, family and groups
  • Two transatlantics and some unusual port stops in French Guiana, Suriname and remote Atlantic islands
Trip Duration
15 Days
Group Size
Explorer, Sailing, Tall Ship
Style of Travel
Guided Group, Solo Traveller




2 January 2025



19 January 2025



21 January 2025



24 February 2025



25 February 2025



5 March 2025



6 March 2025



14 March 2025



15 March 2025



27 March 2025



30 March 2025



7 May 2025


This voyage is split into 6 individual voyage legs - please request full details for a break down of what to expect day to day on board the hands on sailing tall ship.

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Trip notes


Prices vary for 2 and 3 person cabins and depending on the voyage leg - starting at euro 1,710

Min age



This intercontinenal trip is made on a two-master with a lenght of 35 meters and one of the Dutch fleet’s most beautiful ships. This thoroughbred sailing ship is very suitable for crossing the oceans and has done so many times. There is room for 18 passengers on board, who can spend the night in comfortable cabins. Below deck there is also a spacious day area where meals are served and the wheelhouse has comfortable sofas with all-round views.


The meals are provided by a professional chef who has a fully equipped galley at her disposal.

Who is this trip for?

This is a trip for active travellers, we sail this ship together. Sailing experience is not required, an active and open attitude is, though. We teach you everything you need to know along the way, from navigating to steering the ship, and you disembark an old sea dog. Naturally, there is also plenty of time to relax, read a book and have stimulating conversations with your fellow travellers. We sail into the night and all aboard are assigned watches. In this manner, we can continue sailing and everybody on the ship has enough time to rest, eat and sleep besides sailing. It is, however, not mandatory to stand all of your watches. The nights at sea are magical, though. Because of a complete lack of light pollution, you are not just stargazing; you can see the whole milkyway laid out before you.

Arriving at port after a long sea voyage is an unparalleled experience; try walking straight on those newly acquired sea legs!

Additional notes

More info to come!

Tour operator

Inspiring alternative modes of transport and travel is at the heart of the adventures we love to share. This operator recognised that many travellers want to reduce the number of flights they take – so what could be better and more fun to reach a destination than sailing? They collaborate with sailing ships of various kinds for coastal and off-shore voyages under sail.

On board you're a passenger, but of a different kind! Encouraged to take part along the way with the sailing of the ship you're looking for a fun and adventurous way to your holiday or trip. When you make an enquiry for a particular route we'll share full details of the ship you'd be joining so you can book a berth on board and set off on your adventure safely, sustainably and adventurously.

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Atlantic Circuit Sailing Adventure

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