Sail Iceland to Greenland

Duration: 21 days
From: £4,168.00

This return sail Iceland to Greenland trip explores the Westfjords region including Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, a remote area without roads and inaccessible except by sail, foot or ski. This huge isolated, unspoiled area of tundra, cliffsides, flowering fields and ice is a nature lover's dream and perfect for those looking for a wilderness escape.

An extraordinary chance to sail between Iceland and Greenland (and back!) via the remote and beautiful Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. 

Isafjordur, the capital of the Westfjords lies safely behind a sand spit and is the start and end point for this amazing voyage.

There are no roads, making a boat, the only possible way into the reserve. The people who used to live here cultivated small pieces of land to support their cattle with hay during the darker months. And although during summer many birds and eggs where taken from the bird cliffs, fishing was the main in come for the people of the Hornstrandir area. After the abandonment, the flora slowly started to recover its former and original state. The now 260 flowering plants and ferns are a good summer hide out for the arctic foxes who made their own recovery. A hand full of houses abandoned and restored are the last reminder of the little civilization once present.

Setting of from Isafjordur you’ll enter a larger fjord system, The Isafjardarjup. At the center of all these fjords lies their maker. Like a spider in its web, the glacier Drangajokull is sitting at just under 1000 mtr and watches over its liquid counter parts below.

The glacier once covering the land trapped the volcanos below. In this way, the magma below the ice formed the table mountains, now iconic to the area. After the retreat of the glacier the fjords where carved and are still being shaped by the fury of the North Atlantic.

Drangajokull is no longer a calving glacier, and has terminal moraines at al its fjords. Making the navigation tricky at some spots. Depending on the weather and wind forcast you will shape your course with the permanent crew.

On the first day you’ll aim for Hornvik, the crown in the Hornstrandir nature reserve. Famous for the bird cliffs and of course the artic foxes!

Depending on the wind and ice state you’ll  leave the next day to cross the Greenland Sund. This crossing will take 2 to 3 days. Scoresbysund is only accessible at a limited time in the summer due to the great amount of ice accumulating at the mouth of the fjord. This ice will determine the progress of most of your trip.

Once you’ve found your way into the fjord the group will clear-in at Ittoqutormiitt. Giving the crew time to investigate and explore this real Inuit settlement! The permanent crew will clear customs and get the ship ready for the next leg.

Milne Island lies in the middle and gives the group a lot of exploring options!

Under way keep a close watch for Narwhales who are a rare sight now a day. That afternoon we will anchor at Ankervik and visit the research center. The biologist are mapping the movement of the Narwhale assisted in their work by the local community of iniuits. Ankervik offers great day hikes for all levels with the opportunity of spotting Muskox and arctic foxes.

Next up is the Rode fjord named after the colour of the sandstone. This will prove to be an intensive day of navigating though the ice the glaciers dispose daily. You’ll  anchor of one of the smaller Islands and enjoy the unforgettable views of the ice fields and colours changing from day to night time. Harefjord will be your destination for the next day. Harefjord is named after the abundance of arctic hare found on the hills. They sure are a sight!

Under way to Harefjord you will try to get up close to one of the glaciers were safety permits, for some good photographs. After spending the night at Harefjord you’ll set of for Rypefjord and its glacier.

In Rypefjord you can safely get close to one of these great glaciers on shore. There are also plenty of opportunities for day hikes suited for all levels to see the Muskox!

The next morning you’ll slide into Ofjord zigzagging through the ice field and taking in the sites. At the end of the fjord expect to see the rock formation “seals hand” pointing towards your anchorage at Bjorneoer.

One last stop on Milne Island, Charcothavn named after the famous French explorer. After this it is off to Ittoqoortormiit to clear out and spend the day in the village.

Depending on the state of the ice you’ll will make for Iceland and spent your last days cruising the Hornstrandir, visiting places like Heysterifjordur or Adelvik before ending the expedition in Isafjordur.

An expedition to remember!

Why you'll love this adventure

  • Explore this remote unspoilt region on a small sailing ship
  • Great combination of sailing, hiking and relaxing
  • Perfect for those looking for a wilderness escape
Isafjordur, Iceland
Isafjordur, Iceland
Trip Duration
21 Days
Group Size
12 p.
Private Departure
Hiking & Trekking, Mixed Activity, Sailing
Style of Travel
Guided Group




27 July 2020


16 August 2020


18 August 2020


7 September 2020


The itinerary for this trip will be flexible and dependent on the wind and weather. Several fjords will be visited with time to explore on foot - please make an enquiry for full details.

What's included

  • Accommodation in a 2 person (shared) cabin, ensuite
  • All meals
  • Coffee and tea
  • Blanket, sheets, pillow and covers
  • 3-4 crew members guiding the group


  • Soda and alcoholic drinks
  • Towels
  • Paid excursions ashore
  • Transfer to and from the vessel
  • Visa if needed
  • You can not wash clothes on board


Trip notes

15 - 25 years old €3.990 25>years old €4.620

The boat has 2 person cabins. If travelling alone you’ll be paired up with someone to share with. If traveling as two you can choose to share a cabin together. The cabins on board have a small sink, an ensuite toilet and shower and enough space to store your luggage.

The living area is a shared kitchen / common room where you can get cosy on the couch reading a book, or play a game with your fellow travellers.



Meals are prepared by an on board cook who makes a varied menu throughout your stay on board. If you have any allergies, please inform in advance to make sure your needs can be met. The meals on board include a breakfast with mostly porridge, bread with savory and hearty spreads, coffee, tea and juice. Lunch is normally something warm like a soup or oven treat, with a bread spread. Dinner can be anything between a spaghetti bolognese and a Sunday roast. In between meals there will be snacks, some healthy, some sweet.


  • All ages
  • All nationalities
  • All levels of sailing experience (even if you have never sailed before, this can be an amazing voyage!)


This small piece of the land of ice and fire gives you so much beauty and respect for nature. Sailing on a relatively small boat, you’ll move quietly along the shores, exploring, discovering and rediscovering a coastline with so much to offer.

What is the language spoken on board?

The ship’s crew is mainly Dutch, but sometimes international. The language spoken on board is English. The crew on board does speak Dutch, English and German.


I am traveling with someone. Can we book the same room?

Yes, as long as there are two person rooms available, you can book your voyage on board and say you are traveling with someone. You will be placed in the same room.


What kind of clothes do I need?

The ship does not provide sailing clothes on board, so you’ll have to bring your own waterproof clothing. This does not have to be a sailing suite, waterproof and warm clothing will suffice. Please be prepared for some rainy days, but also for some sunny days

Tour operator

An old Herring drifter (Logger) built in 1915, the ship is 28 meters long over deck (38 meters overall) and takes 16 trainees on her voyages. No previous sailing experience is needed and experienced and new sailors love her equally.

A family of four professional sailors have owned and run this vessel since 2006 and sail her with true passion. Built for the North Sea she’s a fast sailor and her rigging is as traditional as it gets.

We love that the boat’s appearance is kept as traditional as possible yet combined with modern techniques and equipment. Everyone on board is part of the informal sail training program that is designed to get the best out of everyone whether you join for 2 days or a longer ocean crossing.

Hello! If you’d like to chat about finding you the perfect adventure or guidance on what’d suit you then we’re very happy to help. Tori & Larissa 0207 097 1734 • [email protected]

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