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Nairobi To Cairo (64 Days) Nile Trans

Duration: 62 days
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An expedition through the heart of Africa from days of old.

From crossing deserts, rivers and mountains and overcoming a multitude of challenges this continent can throw at you, inter-twined with stunning National Parks, adventure activity play grounds and UNESCO World Heritage sites, this is a trip that will linger in the memory long after you finish.

Note: This is a our new itinerary operating on this route starting from 2025, now including Somaliland and Djibouti. We will finalise closer to the time whether we can travel through parts of northern Ethiopia or through Sudan. Subject to the final security situation in these areas we may overfly from Djibouti or Addis Ababa to Cairo to finish the Egyptian section of the trip (flight at your cost). If much of Northern Ethiopia and Sudan remains out of bounds, we may finish in Cairo around a week to 10 days early, in which case a portion of the Local Payment price would be refunded.

Note: This is one of our Overland Adventures which are run on a participatory basis – you’ll be involved in the day to day running of the trip and have fun helping to cook for the group. Expect to sometimes get dusty and dishevelled and not to be able to have hot showers every night. Groups of up to 24 people are led by our crew of two.
Accommodation is predominantly camping, though there may be opportunities to upgrade this locally where rooms are available. Our Overland Adventures provide once in a life time experiences and whilst some safari activities may be included in the itinerary, or be available to book locally, this should not be considered a traditional safari holiday, though we consider that part of the fun!!


Listening out for the groans of the hippo whilst camping on Lake Naivasha
Navigating Merkato, the largest open-air market in Africa
Visit the magnificent monasteries and rock-hewn churches located around Ethiopia
Beaches and seafood in Somaliland
Salt lakes and rock formations at Lac Assal & Lac Abbe in Djibouti
Danakil Depression and Erta Ale Volcano
Hiking in the Simien Mountains
Camping 'under the stars' in the vast Nubian Desert in Sudan
Enjoy sunset at the Pyramids at Meroe surrounded by golden sand dunes
Set sail down the Nile, one of the world's most iconic rivers on a traditional feluc

Why you'll love this adventure

  • Enjoying sunset at the Pyramids at Meroe surrounded by golden sand dunes
  • Set sail down the Nile, one of the world's most iconic rivers on a traditional felucca sailboat
  • Visiting the magnificent monasteries and rock-hewn churches located around Ethiopia
Sudan, Egypt
Uganda, Uganda
Trip Duration
62 Days
Group Size
Min group size 1 and Max group size 10
Culture, Explorer, Horse Riding, Mixed Activity, Overland Road Trip, Sailing
Style of Travel
Guided Group, Incentive Travel, Private Departure, Solo Traveller




23 July 2025



22 September 2025



22 July 2026



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22 July 2027



21 September 2027

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Nairobi To Cairo (64 Days) Nile Trans

What's included

Accommodation – approx. 90% camping & 10% simple hostels/hotels
Entry into Meroe Pyramids
Lake Nasser Ferry
Overnight felucca sailboat trip
Pyramids & Sphinx day tour & guide
Meals – approx. 60%
All transport on Oasis Expedition Truck
Camping and Cooking equipment
Services of Oasis Crew

Trip notes


From £2995.00 land only

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Additional notes


Departing Nairobi with any new travellers joining us here, we head to nearby Lake Naivasha. We camp near the lake shore where Hippos sometimes feed at night! Here you can walk to Elsamere, the house of Joy Adamson – of Elsa the Lion and Born Free fame, and enjoy a film of her life – and cream teas! You can also hire mountain bikes and cycle or walk through Hells Gate National Park – the only game reserve in Kenya in which you are permitted to do so. Or for a less active but equally enjoyable game viewing experience – visit the Crater Lake Game Sanctuary. Both offer excellent scenery and opportunities to spot hyrax, abundant bird and plant life along with several types of gazelle, impala and eland.

Travelling further, we travel around the foothills of Mount Kenya to Samburu National Park which offers some of the best sightings of leopards in Kenya and is home to 5 particularly special other animals, the reticulated giraffe, Somali ostrich, Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk and Beisa oryx.

Note: If we restricted with our route options in northern Ethiopia and Sudan, we may stay longer here, providing the opportunity to do a 4-day hike up Mount Kenya

Further north we access the remoteness of northern Kenya. Nomadic tribes people like the Rendille in Marsabit & the Samburu (cousins of the Maasai) still wear very distinctive and often elaborate dress.

As we cross into Ethiopia – the roads we travel on are often in mountainous areas, so travel is slow. Ethiopia has a lot more visual & indigenous history than any other sub – Saharan country.

We continue our journey north heading into the Omo Valley. This region is home to some of the most colourful ethnic groups in Ethiopia. The friendly Hamar people are noted for their ornate, interesting hairstyles and the Mursi people are famous for the clay lip plates and earlobe decorations. An optional day tour will take you into the Omo National Park.

Note: Our routing for the next few weeks is flexible and will be finalised closer to departure or even during the trip, subject to the current security situation in northern Ethiopia and Sudan.

We will stop at Arba Minch and the brown Langano Lake on our way to Addis Ababa where we have the chance to indulge in some authentic Ethiopian coffee or explore ‘El Mercato’ – one of East Africa’s largest open air markets. We also spend the next few days organising visas before visiting Awash National Park. Here safaris are available where you should see various different antelope species and other wildlife.

Harar is a fascinating, colourful and vibrant city, awarded the ‘City of Peace’ price by UNESCO, and has its over 100 mosques and 102 shrines. It is often considered the fourth-holiest city in Islam and known as the ‘City of Saints’ in Arabic. It has been the centre of trade between the Arabian Peninsular and Africa for centuries and this is reflected in the busy markets, and the wide mix of different people religions and languages found there. The city is also famous for the wild hyenas that roam outside the city walls, which locals feed with sticks of meat.

We will leave Ethiopia now and cross into Somaliland, visiting the capital Hargeisa, where we’ll mingle with the friendly locals and visit the livestock and central markets. On the way towards the coast, we will stop at Laas Geel to see the ancient cave formations which contain numerous important examples of some of the earliest known rock art paintings in the region, colourfully depicting cows, human figures and wild animals.

Next, we arrive at the coast, and the beautiful beaches around the port town of Berbera on the Gulf of Aden. Swimming and snorkelling in the sea here is a fantastic feeling after our many weeks of travel inland. The fresh seafood restaurants are also a very welcome change.

After some time relaxing, we leave Somaliland and cross into Djibouti, heading to the capital, Djibouti City. This is a busy port city and we have a few days to explore, including the option to take a day trip by boat to the Maskali and Moucha islands to enjoy snorkelling, swimming and exploring the mangrove forest.

Note: If we cannot travel through northern Ethiopia or Sudan we may visit Lac Assal & Lac Abbe and then fly to Cairo from here.

Not far from Djibouti City is our next stop, Lac Assal. More than 150m below sea level, this is the lowest point in Africa and a dramatic place with white salt beds, dormant volcanoes, black lava rocks and extremely salty emerald waters. Another fascinating landscape comes next as we visit Lac Abbe, another salt lake but not nearly so inviting-looking, with thousands of huge limestone chimneys dotting the area, many with vents steaming hot sulphuric gases. Two truly incredible natural phenomena that hardly any tourists will ever visit.

We leave Djibouti now and cross into Ethiopia again, driving to the town of Lalibela which is known for its eleven 12th & 13th century rock cut churches which are pilgrimage sites for Coptic Christians and are sometimes considered the eighth wonder of the world. Our route continues north to Mekele which is the gateway to the Danakil Depression. Here, in one the world’s most inhospitable places, of the lowest places on the African continent, locally arranged tours can take you to see the large Giulietti salt lake, and the salt flats with men cutting sat blocks and walking their camels between the mines and the nearest market. You’ll also see the Dallol, a huge geothermal field with yellow sulphur lakes, bubbling springs and geysers, and the active Erta Ale Volcano with its bubbling lava explosions. This is not a trip for the fainthearted so if you go, make sure to take lots of water, sun protection and protect yourself against the fumes from the volcano.

Our preferred route then takes us east through Aksum, once a major empire of the ancient world and home of the Queen of Sheba. There are many monuments, tombs, obelisks and ruined palaces to see here. We then climb into the Simien Mountains National Park, where the landscape hugely contrasts our previous weeks with spectacular jagged mountain peaks, waterfalls and forested hills. The scenery here is considered to rival the Grand Canyon in the USA and this is a wonderful place to do some hiking.

We descend from the mountains to Gondar, a former capital of Ethiopia with the remains of castles and palaces built by a series of emperors. The island monasteries dating back up to 900 years on Lake Tana and Blue Nile Falls are well worth a visit on a day trip from here.

If we can travel through Sudan, then the border crossing is not far north from Gondar and the first towns we reach after crossing the border are Gedaref & Wadi Medani.

Note: If we can’t go through Sudan then we will return to Addis Ababa where we will leave the truck and fly to Cairo (flight at your cost) before taking a train south to Aswan.

The hospitality in Sudan can be surprising – but very genuine. For such a poor country with so many recent problems – Sudanese people are often too willing to invite you for a meal or a cup of ‘Sudanese whisky’ – better known as tea! Khartoum is our next stop and it has a fantastic setting on the confluence of the Blue and White Niles. For such a large city, before the recent conflict, Khartoum felt quite laid back and we would visit the Hamed al Nil Tomb or take a trip to the daily camel market.

The ancient Pyramids at Meroe lie to the north of the capital Khartoum. Our drive across the Nubian Desert will see us either hugging the banks of Nile as it snakes its way north or possibly experiencing the vast open desert plains which is dissected by the main train line from Khartoum – making this our only real point of reference. Whether passing through sleepy Nubian villages, resting in tea rooms, pottering around the local souqs or experiencing total isolation in the middle of the desert – a unique experience awaits you along this not so travelled route to Wadi Halfa.

Upon reaching Lake Nasser and Wadi Halfa in Northern Sudan, we enter Egypt and board the ferry to Abu Simbel, one of the highlights of the whole trip. Here you will notice one of the many cultural changes on this trip – the darker Nubian people lead a more relaxed and less hectic pace of life than their Egyptian countrymen. You have the opportunity to visit Abu Simbel temple – the massive stone monuments carved into the rock by the greatest of all pharaohs, Ramses ll. These temples were meticulously dismantled and rebuilt higher up the hillside after Lake Nasser was flooded. After spending the night we will travel to the city of Aswan. Here, visits to the Philae temple, Nubian museum, an evening boat cruise to a Nubian village and walking through the colourful souk, are great ways to spend your days here.

We leave Aswan and take an overnight felucca boat cruise to Kom Ombo before arriving into Luxor. Spending days and nights on a felucca sailboat with their friendly Nubian crews is a wonderfully relaxing way to spend time on the River Nile.

You will be kept busy exploring in Luxor, considered the largest outdoor museum in the world. Here we visit the Valley of Kings and Queens. Here, the remarkably well preserved tombs of the ancient rulers, including Ramses ll and Tutankhamun, have coloured paintings and hieroglyphics that still seem fresh even after 3000 years. Karnak and Luxor Temples are both in easy walking distance from our camp – as is the local souq where you can pick up some more souvenirs. The following day we drive out towards the Red Sea Coast at Hurghada. You will have time relax on the beach or try your hand at various watersports such as snorkelling, windsurfing or scuba diving in the cool clear blue waters.

Our final destination, Cairo is only a days drive away. Visiting the great Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza with our Egyptologist guide and also the world famous Egyptian Museum in the afternoon is definitely a fitting way to end this amazing expedition.

Note: As noted in the itinerary, we may not be able to travel through parts of northern Ethiopia or through Sudan. The itinerary above should therefore be considered as a guide only and the schedule for the final few weeks of the trip may be adjusted, potentially flying to Egypt from Addis Ababa or Djibouti City (flight at your cost). If the trip is cut short due to the time missed in these areas then a partial refund of the Local Payment portion of the trip price will be made.

Tour operator

When it comes to overland adventures that really do get off the beaten track these guys know their stuff. Since their early days in the late-90s with the first adventure truck fondly known as ‘Noxy’ they grew to be loved by intrepid travellers for their journeys and for taking the hassle out of complex logistics so you can spend your precious time getting out there and immersing yourself in the different cultures and regions along the route. Plus there's the added bonus of security and peace of mind that travelling as part of a group brings. Over 21 years they've provided travellers with a unique travelling experience, very different to that of a normal package holiday. No surprise why we love them then! They're small enough to offer a personalised service to their travellers and they offer full financial protection through a trust account and associated insurance provided by Trust My Travel.




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Nairobi To Cairo (64 Days) Nile Trans

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