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Raja Ampat Sailing Expedition

Duration: 8 days
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Welcome to the archipelago with the richest marine biodiversity on Earth and you get to experience it from the water.

Made up of 1,500 small islands that house 550 species of coral, 1427 fish species and more than 700 types of mollusks, Raja Ampat is a place where mere snorkelling feels (and looks) like deep-sea diving.

It’s very remote, which means a delightful lack of other visitors. Think clear turquoise waters, a kaleidescope of corals and reef fish, and, perhaps best of all, some of the friendliest locals you’ll ever meet. Come and sail the isles of Raja Ampat, the tropical paradise you’ll be telling friends about for years to come.

This sailing adventure differs from many others on the site as it’s less about learning hands on sailing and more about having a sailboat as a basecamp. If you want to assist on-deck no experience is necessary, but getting to know some ‘sailing language’ might help to get you into the spirit of the adventure. The perfect experience for and experienced sailors alike!

Why you'll love this adventure

  • With an extraordinary biodiversity, Raja Ampat is one of the few places on the planet where you will see such a wide range of marine life in their natural habitat
  • Located in the great Coral Triangle between the Indian and Pacific oceans, Raja Ampat offers a snorkelling experience like no other. We’re talking views on par with those of a diver's
  • The reefs of Raja Ampat are in a perfect condition, with many giant corals, purple corals, and sea squirts, hard coral tables, deer antler corals, green and brown moose antler corals
  • The people of Raja Ampat are lovely and welcoming, not to mention model conservationists and artisans. Join them in their culture for a day at the delightful Arborek Tourist Village
  • Half the fun of this trip is the boat you’ll be sailing in - in the style of a traditional Melanesian outrigger
Trip Duration
8 Days
Group Size
Min 1, Max 10
Style of Travel
Guided Group, Private Departure, Solo Traveller




27 August 2022



3 September 2022



15 October 2022



22 October 2022



19 November 2022



26 November 2022



17 December 2022



24 December 2022

This trip can be tailor made for your perfect travel dates. Please make a booking enquiry for more information.


This trip includes an action packed itinerary! Please make an enquiry and we'll send you the full itinerary for each day including meals, activities, travel and accommodation.

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Raja Ampat Sailing Expedition

What's included

  • 7 breakfasts, 6 dinners and 6 lunches
  • Hotel (1 night), overnight boat (6 nights)
  • Overnight boat

Trip notes


From £1810 land only (flight option package available from some countries on request)

Min age



Hotel (1 night), overnight boat (6 nights)

Accommodation notes

Hotel 1 night, overnight boat 6 nights
The first night of your trip will be accommodated at a hotel in Sorong. Check-in time is 2pm however as many of the flights to Sorong arrive early morning the hotel reception has luggage storage and will allow guests to use the swimming pool while they wait for their room. If there is availability the hotel will also allow an early check-in for a competitive rate.
The hotel has laundry facilities and items will be returned the same day if dropped off by 9am.
Free WIFI is available on request.

The sailing part of this trip is accommodated on board a 10 passenger tri-maran. The design is based on the traditional Melanesian outrigger canoe. It has 9 cabins, 8 single and 1 twin/double for a total capacity of 10 plus crew. There are 2 bathrooms as well as a salt water shower. The cabins are all located off a central communal area and can be closed off by sliding concertina doors.

Electricity on board is 220v in most cabins with universal adaptors. There are also 12v USB ports which can be used to charge phones and cameras.  The 12v USB power is available 24 hours a day whereas the 220v power is available 70% of the time.

Unlike traditional catamarans, the cabins and communal areas are located at water level so no one is below decks. There are big, swing opening hatches and windows which allow a cool breeze to blow through the saloon.


7 breakfasts, 6 dinners and 6 lunches

Food and dietary requirements

If you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies you must advise us at the time of booking. We will endeavour to accommodate all requests but please note that as we have limited refrigeration and storage space on board the yachts and for the most part of the trip we will not have easy access to shops or supermarkets.

Vegans, coeliacs or those with specific meal requirements might choose to supplement meals with supplies bought from home, e.g. protein bars, dried fruits and so on.

PLEASE NOTE: We are travelling in a remote region that does not have the convenience of shops or supermarkets. With limited space and refrigeration on on board most of our meals will be supplemented by fish caught or traded with local fisherman.

Who is this trip for?

Is this trip right for you

The beauty of sailing is that each day is unique and, while we have a destination to reach, if the weather changes or something takes the group’s fancy, we are flexible on the day’s itinerary. The itinerary is subject to change and may vary depending on the weather and sea conditions. Your skipper will make the final call to ensure your safety at all times

As the majority of this trip takes place on a sailing boat, you’ll need to feel comfortable with moving about the vessel, including the use of stairs. With that said, sea legs come naturally to some but not so much for others. Your friendly crew will be able to help with the effects of sea sickness if needed.

A zodiac is used to transport passengers from the boat to the mainland, with landings taking place at jettys (dry landings) as well as on beaches (wet landings). Zodiacs can sometimes be awkward to climb in and out of, but a sense of humour and can-do attitude is all you need.

This is an adventure on board a a boat designed along the lines of traditional outrigger canoes, this means living spaces, cabins, bathrooms and showers need to be shared with other passengers. Sleeping quarters can be quite compact, but you will be spending the majority of your time above board in the open air.

Time on the water also means time in the sun. Remember to pack sun protection, such as sun screen and a hat, and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. See ‘Essential Trip Information’ below for a full packing list.

Please note that smooth sailing is dependent on the weather, so itinerary changes may occur at the last minute if the weather becomes unfavourable. If any changes are made, you can trust in your knowledgeable skipper to choose an alternative route or activity.

Transport notes

The boat is 24m long [79ft] with a span of 12m [39ft] and draft of 90cm. The boat is very stable, and seasickness is minimal and the boat whilst enduring water slap, does not roll, so glass bottles can sit on a table undisturbed for long sea passages. The boat comes equipped with solar panels and 2 tenders and has a separate plumbing system for salt water, drinking water and shower water.

Safety wise, it has a VHF radio, radar, satellite EPIRB [linked to Canberra, Australia], auto pilots are SIMRAD and Navonica based and a 20 person liferaft.

There is a crew of 4, a skipper, chef, host and engineer.

If you want to assist on-deck no experience is necessary, but getting to know some ‘sailing language’ might help to get you into the spirit of the adventure.

** Time spent sailing on this trip is highly dependent on weather conditions and at your skipper’s discretion. **

Port – left
Starboard – right
Bow – front of the boat
Stern – rear of the boat
Deck – outside, upper area of the boat
Hull – the main part or body of the boat
Mainsail – the large sail attached to the mast and boom
Mast – the big vertical pole that supports the mainsail
Boom – the big horizontal pole attached to the mainsail, coming off the rear of the mast (swing from side to side)
Jib, headsail, genoa, foresail – smaller sail near the front of the boat
Sheet – ropes used to control the sails
Lines – other ropes on the boat (ropes are never called ropes on yachts)
Trim the sails – adjust the position of the sails when the wind changes strength or direction
Tiller or wheel or helm – used to steer the boat
Helmsman – person steering the boat
Running – sailing with the wind
Tack – turning the bow of the boat when sailing through the wind
Jibe – turning the stern of the boat when sailing through the wind
Figure-eight knot – the stopper: often used at the end of lines to stop them getting away.
Bowline (knot) – strong and dependable knot that is commonly used
Clove Hitch (knot) – not as secure it is often used to attach an object to a line

Additional notes


Your fellow travellers

The bonus of our sailing adventures are that they are small groups, a maximum of 8 – 11 travellers (with the average number of travellers 7). However when you add in a Skipper and the fact you will be eating, sleeping and lounging about together for up to 9 days in the confines of a monohull you may need to call on some patience, maybe some headphones but above all a sense of humour.
Most travellers come away from our sailing adventures saying it was a the trip of a lifetime and that they have made lifelong friends…………..we’re sure you will too!

You don’t need to hold a recreational skippers ticket or any sailing experience at all to join this trip however you may be called on to help around the boat, help keep the bathrooms and galley clean by emptying the bins and overall keeping the communal areas free and available for your fellow travellers.


This operator has a policy in place for COVID-19 and their adventures. Please request full details so we can share the most up to date information with you. Thanks!

Tour operator

We love this operator for the freedom and flexibility they give travellers to get off the tourist trails and really experience local cultures. Their style of small group travel is perfect for solo travellers, couples or small groups of friends and their grassroots style of travel seeks to have a positive impact on the communities they visit.

They use local leaders, local accommodation & transport and support local community projects, ensuring sustainability is at the centre of everything they do.

In addition, they expect their staff and travellers to demonstrate the principles of responsible travel – respecting people, cultures and local environments; in the distribution of wealth; in good will and cross-cultural sharing; and in contributing to sustainable development.


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Raja Ampat Sailing Expedition

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