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Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Cape Town to Montevideo

Duration: 45 days
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Experience life at sea on this Atlantic sailing crossing from Cape Town to Montevideo and learn to sail a 100 year old traditional tall ship.

Join the crew of an historic Dutch tall ship on a transatlantic to sail across the Atlantic Ocean on a hands-on crossing from Cape Town, South Africa to Montevideo, Uruguay in South America.  Start the journey a landlubber and finish a salty shellback sailor. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

This voyage combines great sailing conditions with a unique ocean going experience. It’s a unique opportunity for sailing enthusiasts who wish to learn the ropes and fully embrace the rhythm of the sea. Guided by your experienced captain and crew, for the first time in 15 years, the tall ship will set sail on a direct crossing from Cape Town to Montevideo. Prepare to harness the prevailing south-eastern trade winds, which generally favor your westward journey

It’s the ultimate voyage for those who are ready to make the transition from pollywog to shellback, who are looking to really get off the grid for 40+ days, and who want to experience what it would have been like to cross that same ocean hundreds of years ago.


  • Learn to sail a 100 year old traditional tall ship
  • Spot whales, inquisitive dolphins, and flying fish from on deck
  • Take a dip in the middle of the ocean – with 3,500m of water below you (weather permitting!)
  • Take the helm or climb the rigging as you work alongside the professional crew
  • Help catch dinner for your talented on board cook to prepare
  • Learn celestial navigation

During this incredible adventure, you won’t simply be a guest, but an active participant in the sailing experience on board this amazing tall ship. The dedicated crew will guide you in mastering the art of sailing a tall ship, covering everything from hoisting sails to navigating the rigging. Regardless of your prior experience, this hands-on opportunity will deepen your understanding of traditional seafaring. As part of the voyage, you’ll engage in the rotating watch system, allowing you to actively participate in sailing the ship under the guidance of our experienced crew.

Because it’s a hands-on adventure and the ship sails 24 hours a day, you’ll participate in the ‘watch’ system. You’ll be divided into three watches – red, white and blue – named after the colours of the Dutch flag. During your four-hour watch, you will be working alongside our experienced sailors to keep the ship running smoothly. You and your watch members will take on different tasks to keep the ship sailing smoothly. Watch tasks include keeping course by steering the helm, hoisting the sails, climbing the rigging, keeping watch for wildlife or debrison deck or helping out with ship maintenance.

After your watch, you’ll have eight hours ‘off watch’. There is plenty of free time to rest and enjoy the scenery. Whether you wish to do some quiet reading or writing in your logbook in the library or enjoy an active role in the social life of the deckhouse: there is a place for everyone. Enjoy a good talk and a glass of wine at the bar with your fellow crewmates, play some games or attend the lectures given by the crew on various subjects, from traditional sailor skills and knowledge to science and astronomy.

No experience is needed to join this voyage, but a positive and helpful attitude is a must.

With no phone signal and only very limited email access this is the perfect opportunity to take a digital detox.  Leave your day-to-day life behind and relax into the rhythm of life at sea.

Cape Town – Montevideo – 45 days, 5,040 nautical miles
Dates: 29-09-2023 – 12-11-2023
Embarkation: Cape Town, South Africa, 17:00H
Disembarkation: Montevideo, Uruguay, 09:00 H
Fare: € 4500 – sailors of 36 years and above // € 3500 youngster fare (up to 35 years old)

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Why you'll love this adventure

  • A real chance to experience life at sea
  • Full digital detox! Truly switch off, there's no phone reception in the middle of the ocean
  • Learn new skills and become part of the ship's crew
  • Perfect for those looking to build their sea miles!
Cape Town, South Africa
Montevideo, Uruguay
Trip Duration
45 Days
Group Size
Expedition, Explorer, Sailing, Tall Ship
Style of Travel
Guided Group, Solo Traveller



Setting off from Cape Town for a direct transatlantic crossing to Montevideo, Uruguay you’ll travel through the main weather systems of the world and across the ocean to South America.

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Sail transatlantic Cape Town – Montevideo

What's included

  • All meals on board plus tea, coffee and water
  • Sailing instruction from the ship’s crew
  • Bedding and towels

Not included

The price excludes the transfer to and from the ship, travel insurance, cancellation insurance, airport formalities and drinks from the bar on board.

Trip notes


€ 4500 - sailors of 36 years and above // € 3500 youngster fare (up to 35 years old)

Min age



The ship is ideal for ocean crossings and longer voyages, with various places for relaxing: library, lounge, poker corner and deckhouse. These different areas allow you to do your own thing. Perhaps some quiet reading or a more active role in the social life in the deckhouse.

In the aft of the ship you have the Library. This is usually the most quiet place of the ship so ideal to read a book or work on your own logbook. On tweendeck level you will find the Lounge. Breakfast is served here but this room also is used by the guides to have their lectures and show their movies. In the deckhouse you will find the ships bar and nice benches to meet your fellow crew.

There are two 2-person cabins, four 4-person cabins and four 6-person cabins. The classic bunks are very comfortable. Every bunk has its own sheet, duvet and covers. You do not have to bring your own sleeping bags. Towels will be provided too. All cabins are provided with ensuite shower and toilet.


At sea it is very important to eat and drink well. An experienced cook and cooks mate prepare excellent meals every day. You will be suprised by the variaty of dishes. The cook will often use local ingredients from the ports we visit. And if allowed a fresh caught fish will be on the menu as well.

The general meal times on board are:

  • Breakfast: 07:00 – 09:00
  • Lunch: 13:00
  • Dinner: 19:00
  • Coffee and tea: 10:00, 14:00, 16:00, 20:00

Baking of bread and cookies is done at night. At sea, midnight snacks are prepared, usually during the dog watch (24:00-04:00)


During the day there are fixed coffee and tea breaks (10h00, 14h00, 16h00 and 20h00). Of course coffee and tea is available to you all the time. Meals usually are served with dairy and juice. We recommend you to bring a waterbottle from home which you can use to (re)fill with water.

Extra drinks like softdrinks and beer and wine can be ordered at the bar. You will pay your barbill at the end of the voyage (in cash).

Dietary requirements

If you are vegetarian or suffer from a food allergy please let us know on the booking form. The cooks on board the ship are very creative and serve a broad variaty of menu’s. However due to the size of the galley, the possibilities are limited and for example, the ship is not able to cater for vegans. It is possible to request a vegetarian meal.

If you suffer from a food allergy, please let us know as soon as possible and the ship will discuss with the cooks to see what is possible.

Keep in mind several ingredients are used in the gally like nuts and gluten. If you allergic to this the cook will provide for seperate dishes and menu’s. However on board and in the galley these ingredients are present.

Who is this trip for?

  • Ages 18 -73 (request full details for sailors 65 and 70 years+)
  • All nationalities (main language spoken on the ship is English)
  • All levels of sailing experience from complete novices to experienced sailors

No experience needed

Everyone is welcome to take the helm, set sails, assist with manoeuvres, navigation, weather observations, furling the sails on the yards and much more. The permanent crew will give lectures and instruct you during the voyage in steering, navigation and line handling. This will be done in a “Dutch” style, so without yelling, blowing whistles and so on.

Sailing experience is not necessary. Instructions will be given in watch responsibilities, basic sail theory, line handling, steering and navigation.

This combination voyage is a perfect chance to truly experience life at sea. The days are filled with assisting in sailing, helping with all kinds of maintenance activities, sailing training, lectures on (celestial) navigation, ocean winds and currents. During nightwatch, there is more than enough time to stargaze. Clear skies with the most magnificent starry nights occur. The sky of the northern hemisphere is losing terrain, with Big Bear and Polaris slowly sinking below the horizon.

Additional notes

Life on board

Onboard the ship we call our guests ‘voyage crew’. This means that the permanent crew will train you to be a sailor. Unlike going on a cruise, here you will be going on a hands-on, active sailing adventure. You will be divided into three watches; Red watch, Blue watch and White watch, named after the colors of the Dutch flag. You will be ‘on watch’ for four hours after which you have eight hours of free time.

During your four hours on watch there will be different tasks that will be divided between the members of your watch. There will always be two people on helm duty. You will together, maintain a steady course on the helm. The crew will explain how to steer the ship and what to look out for. During the watch there will also be two people on look-out duty at all times. On the bow of the ship, you will stand look-out. You spot ships, buoys, debris, and icebergs in the water then communicate this to the officer on watch. The rest of the watch members will be on deck duty. The permanent crew will give you sail training and you will assist in all sail handling. This involves setting- and taking away the sails by hauling- and easing lines, climbing the rigging to furl or unfurl the sails.

The crew will instruct you how to work on deck and you will learn how to trim the sails to the directing of the wind. During deck duty, there is also time to assist the crew with the maintenance of the ship. This way you will learn how to work with traditional tools and methods. Woodworking, sailmaking, celestial navigation, and traditional rope- and rigging work will all be apart of your sailing voyage. The captains and officers are easy to talk to and like to get involved in your sail training. They will explain traditional- as well as modern ways of navigation. They will organize and run you through safety drills and procedures.

During your eight hours ‘off watch’, there is time to rest and enjoy the scenery. You can read a book in the library or in the deckhouse. The bar will be open for a drink and a snack. The crew will be giving lectures on various subjects, from traditional sailors skills and knowledge to science and astronomy. During your time off watch, you can still assist the permanent crew and the voyage crew ‘on watch’ with sail handling and maintenance jobs. The galley team sometimes asks for a hand peeling potatoes or apples on deck so they can make yet another of their famous pies. In the deckhouse, there will be people playing games, reading books, listening to music, writing diaries and emails. Your off watch time is for you to fill in, you may do as little or as much as you would like. These hours are also for you to catch up on your sleep.

When you are setting sails, reading or working away on deck, in the galley they are always busy preparing meals to keep everyone well fed. Multiple course meals will be served three times a day with coffee and tea times in between, what ever the weather. In the evenings the crew prepares team challenges and pub quizzes to enjoy together with your watch mates.


Tour operator

Originally built in 1910, this beautifully restored Dutch tall ship has been crossing oceans and seas on a regular basis since 2000 and has a reputation of a ship that really sails.

Following the favourable winds of traditional sailing routes has brought her to all the continents sailing both the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean, thus earning her nick name ‘ocean wanderer’.

Crew and guests join the ship from all over the world and all ages. As a sail training vessel, everyone on board is assigned to the watch system to help sail the ship - navigating, taking the helm and handling the sails. Sailing experience is not required just a desire to sail to new horizons and experience all aspects of a sailor’s life on board: The wind, the sea, new friends and adventure.

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Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean – Cape Town to Montevideo

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