Sail Montevideo to Punta Arenas via the Falkland Islands

Duration: 29 days
From: £3,227.00

Set sail on a challenging 29 days at sea on board a tall ship following the route of Ferdinand Magellan's historic voyages of exploration.

Sail Montevideo to Punta Arenas via the Falklands, the Strait of Magellan and the Chilean channels on a fully restored square rigger for a fantastic and historic tall ship voyage. You’ll spend plenty of days at sea – enough to learn the ropes and get comfortable with setting the sails, and have time for sailing theory with the crew. If you’re looking to take your tall ship sailing skills to the next level, this is it.

The voyage starts in Montevideo, then it’s 1200nm to the Falklands and Las Malvinas. Spend time roaming the island with guides and enjoy spotting various wildlife like penguins, Albatross, and more. The 16 days spent here are the heart of this adventure. After that, cross the ocean toward Chile as you sail into the Strait of Magellan. The voyage ends in beautiful Punta Arenas.

What we love about this operator is that everyone is welcome to take a turn at the helm. No experience is necessary. Experienced crew members will provide as much training as you’d like on steering, line handling, and navigation. No yelling or whistles here. Bring your sense of adventure and be prepared to fall in love with life at sea.

This voyage is part of a series from Seville, Spain to Punta Arenas, Chile following in the epic footsteps of explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

For the details of the other voyage leg combinations available follow the links below to the specific trip pages or complete an enquiry form letting us know which one you’d like to join or how much time you’ve got:


Why you'll love this adventure

  • You are the crew! Set the sails, take the helm, go on look out.
  • Follow Magellan's route from Seville to the Strait of Magellan and into the Pacific 500 years on from his historic voyage
  • Explore the unique wildlife of the Falkland Islands
Montevideo, Uruguay
Punta Arenas, Chile
Trip Duration
29 Days
Group Size
Private Departure
Sailing, Tall Ship
Style of Travel
Guided Group




16 November 2019


13 December 2019


You will start the voyage in Montevideo, and where Magellan went South along the coast towards the Strait of Magellan, we will make a little detour to discover the beauty of the Falklands/ Las Malvinas before we enter into the Strait of Magellan. From Montevideo it will be around 1200 nm of sailing before you arrive at the Falklands/ Las Malvinas.

Once arrived, we will take you all the way around the island. After a week of exploring you will set sail again across the ocean towards Chile where you will sail into the straight of Magellan, reliving history again and ending your voyage finally in Punta Arenas.

What's included

Enquire for full details

Enquire for full details

Trip notes

€3575 p.p. in a 4/6 person cabin, €4250,- p.p. in a 2 person cabin

The ship is ideal for ocean crossings and longer voy- ages, with various places for relaxing: library, lounge, poker corner and deckhouse. These different areas allow you to do your own thing: perhaps some quiet reading or a more active role in the social life in the deckhouse. The ship is equipped with a DVD player, a CD player, i-Pod connection and radio.

There are four 2-person cabins, four 4-person cabins and four 6-person cabins. The comfortable cabins each have an en-suite toilet and shower. An experienced cook and cook’s assistant will prepare three meals a day.

The ship is a Dutch vessel and part of the permanent crew is Dutch. But we have an international crew and guest crew and you will find various nationalities among them. The common language on board is English.

Food and Beverage

At sea it is very important to eat and drink well. An experienced cook and cooks mate prepare excellent meals every day. You will be surprised by the variety of dishes. The cook will often use local ingredients from the ports we visit. And if allowed a fresh caught fish will be on the menu as well!

On this ship, you have a choice between vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals. You can make your choice know on the booking form. If you are not sure if you are registered a vegetarian or wish to change your preference, please contact the office.


During the day there are fixed coffee and tea breaks (10h00, 14h00, 16h00 and 20h00). Of course coffee and tea is available to you all the time. Meals usually are served with dairy and juice. We recommend you to bring a water bottle from home which you can use to (re)fill with water. We also have bottles available for you in our ships shop.

Extra drinks like soft drinks and beer and wine can be ordered at the bar. You will pay your bar bill at the end of the voyage (in cash).

Food allergy or vegetarian

If you are vegetarian or suffer from a food allergy please let us know on the booking form. The cooks on board are very creative and serve a broad variety of menu’s. However due to the size of the galley, the possibilities are a bit limited. Beside non-restricted meals it is also possible to request a vegetarian meal.

If you suffer from a food allergy, please let us know as soon as possible and we will deliberate with our cooks to see what the possibilities are.

Almost everything is possible however our galley has its limits: we cannot offer a menu for vegans.

Keep in mind several ingredients are used in the galley like nuts and gluten. If you allergic to this the cook will provide for separate dishes and menu’s. However on board and in the galley these ingredients are present.

Celebrating 500th Anniversary of Magellan’s historic adventures

On August 10, 1519, Ferdinand Magellan (c. 1480 – 1521) started his voyage from Seville, Spain with a fleet of five ships called the Armada De Moluccas, in search for a western sea route to the Spice Islands in the East Indies.

Born in 1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal to a Portuguese nobility family, Magellan visited the Queen’s court at a young age and heard many stories about the great Portuguese and Spanish rivalry for sea exploration. Intrigued by the stories about the Far East, Magellan developed an interest for maritime discovery.

About thirty years later, Magellan started the Spanish expedition that would prove long and exhausting. The ship
Trinidad, commanded by Magellan, was the leading ship of a fleet of five ships. In September 1519 the fleet started their quest for the East from the port of Sanlucar de Barrameda and crossed the Atlantic Ocean. They reached Tenerife in the Canary Islands on September 26, 1519, and set sail to cross the ocean to Brazil. Magellan entered the bay of Rio de Janeiro on December 13 and reached Port San Julián on March 31, 1520. After serious mutinies and several storms, they left the same port in August 1520. They sailed along the coast of South America in search of a certain strait that would allow passage through South America to the East.

500 years later, your ship will follow his route from Seville to Strait of Magellan and into the Pacific! After 500 years, this 107-year-old Dutch Tall Ship is ready to commemorate the quest for new routes of Ferdinand Magellan.

Tour operator

Originally built in 1910, this beautifully restored Dutch tall ship has been crossing oceans and seas on a regular basis since 2000 and has a reputation of a ship that really sails.

Following the favourable winds of traditional sailing routes has brought her to all the continents sailing both the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean, thus earning her nick name ‘ocean wanderer’.

Crew and guests join the ship from all over the world and all ages. As a sail training vessel, everyone on board is assigned to the watch system to help sail the ship - navigating, taking the helm and handling the sails. Sailing experience is not required just a desire to sail to new horizons and experience all aspects of a sailor’s life on board: The wind, the sea, new friends and adventure.

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