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Sail Remote West Greenland

Duration: 12 days
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This sail expedition along West Greenlands wild coast is an epic mix of blue water and coastal sailing with lots of exploring ashore.

Embark on a Journey Through Greenland’s Untamed Wilderness

Greenland, the world’s largest island, stands as a stark and stunning testament to nature’s raw power. With 80% of its land perpetually cloaked in ice, its interior remains an inhospitable expanse, forcing all human settlements to cling to its rugged coastline. Here, where the icy grip of the inland gives way to the sea, lies the vibrant capital of Nuuk, the starting point of your unforgettable voyage.

Nuuk, once named ‘Good Hope’ by early settlers, has evolved into a thriving city that encapsulates Greenland’s rich history and resilient spirit. Accessible via daily flights from Reykjavik, Nuuk sheds its icy winter armor each summer, revealing a bustling hub that houses a significant portion of Greenland’s population. This city, reborn after World War II and renamed to reflect its identity—Nuuk, meaning ‘Cape’—will be your gateway to the Arctic wilderness.

As you set sail northward to Ilulissat, prepare to be enchanted by the majestic and ever-changing landscape. The journey is dictated by the whims of the wind, weather, and the unpredictable movements of the storis—sea ice that drifts menacingly around the southern cape. Your first stop might be Maniitsoq, formerly known as Sukkertoppen. Named by 17th and 18th-century whalers who saw ‘sugar loaf’ shapes in its hills, this area now called Kangaamiut, is a picturesque introduction to Greenland’s whaling heritage.

Continue your adventure to Ukiivik (Sydbay), where history and nature intertwine seamlessly. Anchor amidst the low islands that offer sheltered bays, perfect for taking a dinghy ashore. Here, the accessible hills invite you to hike and capture breathtaking views from the lighthouse. If hiking isn’t your aim, explore the remnants of an old whaling station—a tangible connection to Greenland’s storied past.

Join the guest crew on this extraordinary expedition aboard a family run tall ship, where each day unfolds with new discoveries and the timeless beauty of Greenland’s icy frontiers.

Whether seeking the perfect photograph, a challenging hike, or a historical exploration, this journey promises an adventure like no other.

Why you'll love this adventure

  • Explore this remote unspoilt region on a small sailing ship
  • Great combination of sailing, hiking and relaxing
  • Perfect sailing expedition for those looking for a wilderness escape
Nuuk, Greenland
Ilulissat, Greenland
Trip Duration
12 Days
Group Size
Explorer, Sailing, Tall Ship
Style of Travel
Guided Group, Solo Traveller




26 July 2024



7 August 2024

This trip can be tailor made for your perfect travel dates. Please make a booking enquiry for more information.


With much on the plans and the wind in your sails there is plenty to explore! Enquire for full details!

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What's included

  • Accommodation in a 2 person (shared) cabin, ensuite
  • All meals
  • Coffee and tea
  • Blanket, sheets, pillow and covers
  • 3-4 crew members guiding the group


Not included

  • Soda and alcoholic drinks
  • Towels
  • Paid excursions ashore
  • Transfer to and from the vessel
  • Visa if needed

Trip notes


price €2.750 price 15-25 years €2.475

Min age



The boat has 2 person cabins. If travelling alone you’ll be paired up with someone to share with. If traveling as two you can choose to share a cabin together. The cabins on board have a small sink, an ensuite toilet and shower and enough space to store your luggage.

The living area is a shared kitchen / common room where you can get cosy on the couch reading a book, or play a game with your fellow travellers.




On board the crew we do not work with a set menu but take influences from the surroundings. We try and cook with as many local fresh products as possible, this means that around the Canary Islands we eat a lot of tapas, peppers, plantanas (banana’s). In Brazil we eat a lot of fresh fruit, cow meat and rice. And around the North Sea, when it gets colder you will find some ‘stamppot’ (Dutch mashes potatoes specialty) with smoked sausage on your plate.

During a longer stay on board you will hardly ever see the same dish come by. Most of our meals are served with a salad or fruit on the side. During longer trips we take good care of our vegetables and fruit to ensure that you will enjoy fresh food as long as possible.

If you have an allergy or cannot eat certain food, please contact us with your dietary concerns. We provide a healthy menu were you will have enough choice.

We do not provide a vegan diet and on certain voyages we do not provide a lactose intolerant or gluten free diet.

We do provide sweet, savory, hot and sometimes somewhat fat delicious food, but there is always a healthy choice next to it 🙂

Who is this trip for?

  • All ages
  • All nationalities
  • All levels of sailing experience (even if you have never sailed before, this can be an amazing voyage!)


Additional notes

This small piece of the land of ice and fire gives you so much beauty and respect for nature. Sailing on a relatively small boat, you’ll move quietly along the shores, exploring, discovering and rediscovering a coastline with so much to offer.


What is the language spoken on board?

The language spoken on board is English. The crew on board does speak Dutch, English and German.


I am traveling with someone. Can we book the same room?

Yes, as long as there are two person rooms available, you can book your voyage on board and say you are traveling with someone. You will be placed in the same room.


What kind of clothes do I need?

The ship does not provide sailing clothes on board, so you’ll have to bring your own waterproof clothing. This does not have to be a sailing suite, waterproof and warm clothing will suffice. Please be prepared for some rainy days, but also for some sunny days

Do I need prior sailing experience?

No – all are welcome to experience life on board a classic sailing tall ship and learn the traditional skills along the way. It’s a hands on sailing adventure so although sailing experience isn’t expected a willingness to be involved and take part is.

Tour operator

An old Herring drifter (Logger) built in 1915, the ship is 28 meters long over deck (38 meters overall) and takes 16 trainees on her voyages. No previous sailing experience is needed and experienced and new sailors love her equally.

A family of four professional sailors have owned and run this vessel since 2006 and sail her with true passion. Built for the North Sea she’s a fast sailor and her rigging is as traditional as it gets.

We love that the boat’s appearance is kept as traditional as possible yet combined with modern techniques and equipment. Everyone on board is part of the informal sail training program that is designed to get the best out of everyone whether you join for 2 days or a longer ocean crossing.

On September 13th she and her crew were the first traditional sailing ship to complete the North West Passage after Roald Admundsen with his ship Goya in 2013.

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Sail Remote West Greenland

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