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Unusual adventures in Europe

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People tend to associate adventure with far off exotic places. Yet, Europe is one of the most diverse continents in the world. It’s full of different people, cultures, and stunning places.

Needless to say, if you’re looking for adventure you’ve got every chance of finding it here on our doorstep.

For this reason, Another World Adventures would like to introduce you to some of our favourite European trips.

Adventure in Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Experience the fascinating history of the Balkans. A crossroad of West and East, Christianity and Islam. This is a 15 day inspiring journey and cultural travel where you will see beautiful places, UNESCO sites, and medieval cities.

The adventure starts in Belgrade and will lead you through the Serbian countryside. This area is full of Roman ruins, ancient fortresses and churches. Then you will go to Kosovo and visit the ancient city of Prizren.

At this point a train will bring you to Bosnia & Herzegovina. There you will discover its stunning countryside and medieval villages to end up in Sarajevo. In the city you’ll see the tunnel of life, built during the Sarajevo Siege in 1993.

Camino de Santiago de Compostela by Bike

Also known as the Way of St James, the Camino de Santiago is a both spiritual and physical experience. It is one of the most ancient pilgrimage routes in Europe, as its history starts in the 9th century when the tomb of the Apostle James the Great was found in Santiago, Northern Spain.

Today, not only Catholic pilgrims travel the Way of St James. Anyone, led either by spiritual needs of physical challenge, is welcomed to follow the scallop shells to reach Santiago.

With this inspiring journey you will travel the Camino de Santiago by bike at a moderate speed (about 8-10 miles a day). You will often use minor roads so you’ll travel in the beautiful Spanish countryside. And at each stop you will collect the stamps of your pilgrim’s passport.

Georgia Horse Ride through the Caucasus

This 9 day adventure will allow you to get deep in the Georgian culture and discover amazing mountain landscapes. You will travel in the Tusheti region, one of the most remote and overlooked parts of the country.

You will visit various UNESCO sites, the historic town of Tbilisi, and beautiful wild flowers. What’s more, you will have the chance to know the local culture like very few travellers. Indeed, a Georgian family will host you and offer you their traditional hospitality.

To discover more inspiring journeys and unusual adventures in Europe, check our destinations page. and if you want to know more about those three trips, please just contact us directly and we’ll be happy to talk to you personally.

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