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Wakhan Corridor – The best ways to explore

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We’re often asked about ways to explore the Wakhan Corridor – a wild and remote area that’s made up of the narrow strip of territory in NE Afghanistan that extends to China and separates Pakistan and Tajikistan.

The corridor is wedged nicely between the Karakoram range in the south and the Pamirs to the north. It ranges from 13 to 65 kilometers wide and is 350 km (220 miles) long. This narrow strip of land once formed the buffer zone between the British and Russian Empires and was of immense strategic importance during the 19th century Great Game.

Since antiquity the valleys of the Wakhan Corridor have been used as a trade route by travellers going to and from South, East and Central Asia. The name Wakhan Corridor is often used to refer to both the valley and/or the trade route itself. Since the Afghan-Chinese border closed at the east end of the Wakhan Corridor the high mountain valley has turned into something of a cul de sac. It’s inhabited by around 12,000 nomads, predominantly by Wakhi herdsmen, and is remote, peaceful and blessed with some of the finest mountain scenery in the world.

Exploring the Wakhan Corridor is for the truly intrepid among you adventure seekers. There are few trips and we’ve researched hard to find those that are the most authentic and true in their visit and experience and which offer a mix of physical challenge and rich cultural immersion.

Here are four ways to explore the Wakhan Corridor in 2016 plus a bonus trip to the Pamir Lakes

Trek Wakan Corridor – High Altitude Trek Afghanistan **Challenging

18 July – 8 Aug 2016
This challenging expedition to Afghanistan is the signature trek of this great operator, and is a guaranteed early sell out. The Wakhan Corridor is a fascinating region blending ancient history with diverse nomadic cultures and rugged skylines. Break bread with hospital local nomads, explore their brightly furnished yurts and contrast the lush, cultivated valley floors with the stark, sheer escarpments of the dramatic Pamir peaks in a region practically unchanged since Alexander the Great’s army came close in 326 BC. Read More.

Trekking the Wakhan Corridor, Tajikistan & Afghanistan

Dates: 29th August – 19th September 2016
Cost: £2850
In September 2016 a small group will be heading to one of world’s most remote corners. A 22-day journey to visit the land of one of the world’s last and least visited nomadic cultures: The Kyrgyz of the Afghan Pamir. You begin in Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe before travelling along the dramatic Pamir Highway and crossing over into Afghanistan. You then pass through the Wakhan Corridor to the Afghan Pamir. The last section of this journey will be made by foot as you make your way to the summer grazing grounds of Chaqmaqtin.
Contact us for full details of this trip [email protected]

Tajikistan & Afghanistan – Horse Trekking & Wildlife Spotting

Dates: 15th August – 5th September 2016
Cost: £2600
A three week adventure into the Hindu Kush and Pamir mountain ranges of the Tajikistan/Afghanistan border region. The trip will include wildlife spotting in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor, jeep touring along the Pamir Highway and horse trekking with Kyrgyz shepherds among alpine lakes in the Pamir mountains of Tajikistan. The trip will be led by the founder of one of the most experienced horse riding and nature spotting guides in Asia. Read More.

Afghanistan & Tajikistan: Wakhan Pamir Adventure

Dates: 27th July 2016
Duration: 20 days
Cost: £3,995
On this Afghanistan and Tajikistan adventure, using 4x4s and walking you’ll make your way slowly up the valley, visiting villages, taking some day walks and enjoying traditional Afghan hospitality. You’ll stay in basic guesthouses throughout your time in Afghanistan as you discover the delights of this famed region. This is a trip right out there on the edge of civilisation: you will find no mobile reception, internet access or even electricity for the most part. What you will experience here though takes you back to another century when people lived in a very different way…unlike so many you hear about, this trip is a true adventure of a life time. Read More.

Also – this trip isn’t the Wakhan Corridor but an incredible trek in the region!

Trekking Tajikistan: Pamir Mountain Lakes

Dates: 6th August – 21st August 2016
Cost: £1800
Of all the Great Ranges on the Asian continent, the Pamir Mountains are probably the least known and the least visited of them all. Along the way you’ll stay in the homes of the Pamiri natives, camp near centuries old caravanserais and explore the shores of shimmering blue alpine lakes. To complete the traverse the team will scale a mountain pass that’s taller than Mont Blanc. Be prepared to be spoiled for life!
Contact us for full details of this trip [email protected]

Check out some beautiful images of the Wakhan Corridor and a report by Michael Finkel for National Geographic. Pictures by photographer Matthieu Paley.

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