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What Does Adventure Mean to You?

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Tori and Larissa met on a Transatlantic sailing adventure. Our meeting sparked the founding of Another World Adventures – an endeavour that has turned out to be the biggest adventure of them all.

We make it our business to discover and share travel adventures of all types that happen all over the world. Over the years we’ve gotten to know a lot of operators in adventure travel and a lot of folks looking for… something a bit different.

And that’s the million-dollar question: What is that something we’re looking for? What is adventure? What does adventure mean to that one person?

To us, adventure has a broad definition. What is one person’s adventure is another person’s breakfast. Remember, when we talk about adventures we talk about the outdoor kind .. not the adventures of perfecting sour dough during lockdown… although anyone that tried my effort needed an adventurous mindset 😉

And so, we’ve come to think of adventure as consisting of three parts: it has to be new, it has to be challenging, and it has to be exhilarating.

What’s New

New people, new customs, new geography, new activities, new thoughts, and new feelings. Travel adventure exposes us to all this and more. Whether you’re going to a nearby farm for your first horseback riding lesson or heading to Tajikistan to ride through the Hindu Kush, new is what you’re after. Breaking out of your routine and doing the unexpected, no matter how far or how high you go, is always an adventure.

What Challenges You?

Growth is what we’re hardwired for as humans. We love a challenge. Run a marathon in Nepal, train to sail in the Hebrides, or save up for that once in a lifetime adventure. Whatever pushes you, whatever helps you to explore your inner and outer worlds, whatever helps you to discover things you thought you weren’t capable of – it’s all adventurous. Stepping outside your comfort zone is what it’s all about.

What Exhilarates You?

If you get butterflies in your stomach just thinking about it – that’s exhilaration. You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie (although adrenaline junkies are awesome!). You’re looking for a sense of anticipation before boarding the plane or having your first exchange of hello’s in another language. It’s volunteering at a community co-op in South America and watching the Northern Lights in Finland. It’s adrenaline, excitement, and feeling wide awake to life that signals an adventure.

In our eyes, travel always meets these three criteria, so travel is always an adventure.

It isn’t so much about what you do, but about how present you are and how alive it makes you feel. If your travels bring you that, then everything else is just icing on the cake.

Discover some incredible and unusual travel adventures here – we can’t wait to inspire you on your next extraordinary journey.

*spoiler alert* the trip ideas WILL make your bucket list longer 🙂

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