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Why Colombia’s on our travel hit list for 2016

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When Rough Guides published their Top Ten Countries to Visit in 2016 list, we were thrilled to see Colombia listed number two. Not only because we’re featuring a fantastic small group adventure coming up this August, but because Colombia is one of Tori’s favourite countries. We think it should be on everyone’s short list.

With eight designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit (including Los Katios National Park, San Agustin, Qhapag Nan, Cartagena, and the Coffee Cultural Landscape), as well as volcanoes, coastline, waterfalls, the Andes Mountain range, and vast tropical jungles, it’s no wonder that Colombia’s reputation is changing for the better and tourism is booming.

The list of “not-to-miss” destinations is long indeed. Bogotá has been steadily making urban renovations like creating cycling routes in and around the city, which has made it one of the most popular cities to visit recently. Trek through the jungle to the Lost City, spend time in the Amazon, the Andean Mountain ranges, La Guajira desert, the Ilanos, or energetic towns like Medellin. When you’re done seeing it all, stretch out on one of the many white sand beaches and drink cocktails as you sunbathe by the Caribbean Sea.

We love this new Fair Trade Colombia trip which offers a community-based adventure into the country’s blossoming coffee growing region. This August you can spend 12 days in places including Chicamocha Canyon, Villa de Leyva, Bogotá, Barichara, and more. You’ll have the chance to discover Colombia’s captivating colonial towns and spend time hiking and horseback riding through beautiful rural landscapes.

What excites us most about this adventure is the focus on fair trade. This is a unique opportunity to meet the incredible artisans and farmers who are producing high quality products like coffee, chocolate, and handicrafts across the country. Not only will you visit the plantations, you’ll travel to co-operatives and other organisations who are working hard to improve the quality of life in Colombia. The trip puts primary importance on small-scale and low impact. Which, for the locals, means a boost to their economy and exposure to their products, and for you it means a deeply rewarding adventure.

This Colombia Fair Trade adventure has everything you could ask for in your next holiday: culture, wildlife, one of kind experiences, and many of the country’s iconic destinations. Don’t wait a minute longer before discovering for yourself what all the fuss is about.

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