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Why we love trekking adventures

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Today it seems that the world has become suddenly so small, and time is money so we’re always in a hurry to do as many things as possible. There is no time to lose and stress is high.

Here at Another World Adventures we see things a little differently. Our mission is to make the world feel big again. Because the world is big and full of wonders that only wait to be discovered! And they deserve to be discovered at a slow pace, to be fully experienced and lived.

For this reason we love trekking adventures. It’s just you, your feet, and the land. No fast track. No help from technology. No easy way. You have to earn it. You have to sweat.

Take your time

We also love trekking because you don’t have to be an athlete to do it, you just have to walk after all. Everyone can trek, but at the same time it’s not an adventure for everyone. Trekking is for patient souls, it’s for those adventure seekers who take their time because they know that what really matters is the journey, not the destination.

Believe in yourself

Trekking is also for people who believe in themselves. People bold and fierce who know they can make it, no matter what. They don’t need help from technology to arrive faster. Actually, they usually trek to run away from technology and civilization.

Maybe they will just bring their camera to catch the wanders they will see. So they’ll come back with tangible memories of their adventures and a proof for when they tell their friends: I really did it, believe me!

Group or solo travel

Trekking adventures will allow you to discover unknown places and make them familiar. To enjoy every single step of your journey and feel even a little sad (although probably relieved too) when you have reached your destination. To bond with your group in a very special way or to make new friends on the way if you’re in a solo travel.

Sound good to you? Get inspired by four pictures from four epic expeditions and trekking adventures in 2017 you could join.

Take your time to find the best trip for you and get prepared for it. Here are a few to get you inspired…

To learn more check our trek and hike section.

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