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World Radio Day 2016 – Adventures on the Airwaves

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3th February 2016 – At #Adventure365 World Radio Day got our attention today. All good adventures have something of a soundtrack and the more remote your wanderings the more important radio becomes in cultures and societies.

World Radio Day is “a day to celebrate radio as a medium; to improve international cooperation between broadcasters; and to encourage major networks and community radio alike to promote access to information, freedom of expression and gender equality over the airwaves”.

When it comes to mass media, radio has the widest audience in the world. It’s a powerful communication tool and it’s low cost too which makes it popular around the world, particularly in developing countries. Anyone that’s been on a trek or visit to a remote part of the world will have experienced how radio is so well suited to reaching remote communities and vulnerable people: the disabled, the illiterate, youth, women and the poor, while giving people a platform to intervene in the public debate no matter what a person’s education level is.

Another reason radio is so important is the powerful role it plays in emergency communication and disaster relief.

When it comes to travel and adventures we think radio has an important role as an inspirational and informative medium for adventure seekers. A good programme can take your imagination to the heart of a place and it’s people, sharing their stories and giving you a peek into their world – a peek you might want to explore in more detail one day.

A travel conference we were at recently put radio pretty low on the list of influencing factors in how a person makes a decision on where they might go on an adventure trip. We found this to be a) a shame and b) a bit surprising given the incredible radio programmes we’ve listened too that have sparked imagination and been a catalyst for some of our own journeys.

So to day we’re saying Hurrah for radio and want to share the video below with you – visit the World Radio Day 2016 web page to see any events taking place near you.

If you feel like tuning into a great travel show how about some of these free radio programmes via

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