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Travel and open-mindedness

Travel and open-mindedness

When 7,900 people were asked about the links between travel and open-mindedness what do you think they found? 

The folks at Momondo have published a new report about the value of travelling. The global study explored the relationship between travel and open-mindedness, asking does travel really bring people together?

18 countries participated in the study including countries from North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Overall, the results show a positive statistically significant correlation between travelling and trust in other people in general, trust in people from other nationalities and trust in people from other religions.

Despite technology having increased global connectedness, 48% of those taking part felt that people are less tolerant today towards other cultures than five years ago. But when asked, the vast majority of respondents believe that travelling has given them a more positive view on people from the countries they have visited and has made them look more positively on other cultures in general. This is true across gender, age, income, and educational level.

76% of respondents feel that travelling has helped them view differences and diversity in a more positive light, 65% of respondents feel that if more people travelled, there would be less prejudice in the world and 53% of respondent feel that there would be more peace in the world if people travelled more.

It seems that travel makes us more trusting and open to others and that travelling can be a weapon in fighting and minimizing our own prejudice and narrow- mindedness.

At Another World Adventures, we’ve seen time and again how beneficial travel can be in almost all aspects of life. Travel is about new experiences, challenging your limits, new people, having fun, and learning.  We’re glad to see that our own experience is now backed by Momondo’s new study.

Read ‘The Value of Travelling: A Global Study‘.