Team mates wanted for challenging expeditions

If you’re looking to do something really extraordinary in 2018 and put yourself to the test then how about a challenging expedition?

We work with a number of experts outfits who put together accessible expeditions that are so unusual they are usually reserved for scientific or exploratory programmes or military training. They vary in fitness requirements but all of them are challenging in their own way.

The perfect team mates for the treks:

  • should be willing to join a team whose shared ambition is to achieve the goal of the expedition
  • should have an adventurous and robust spirit
  • should be over 21, fit and healthy
  • be able to walk up to 25km a day
  • be able to carry all their own kit and equipment
  • be able to handle tough climates
  • generally have a good sense of humour and enjoy team experiences
  • should have the drive to achieve something amazing

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, here are 5 challenging expeditions to consider this year:

Burma expedition – Mount Samarati

Chile trekking expedition

Lut Desert trek – Iran

Madagascar trekking expedition

Siberia trekking – Kamchatka expedition


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