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DARWIN200: A global voyage in the footsteps of Charles Darwin

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Over two years 2023-2025 a spectacular tall ship will set sail on a global voyage following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin… will you be on board?

On 15th August 2023 the DARWIN200 voyage set sail from Plymouth UK on a historic tall ship Oosterschelde, following Charles Darwin’s world voyage on the HMS Beagle. Built in 1918, this uniquely restored, three masted schooner is one of the most beautiful historic vessels afloat. This global journey is made up of 32 voyage legs, and involves sailing to some of the most beautiful corners of the world. 

From the exquisite tropical islands of Polynesia to the hauntingly beautiful glacial fjords of Chile, crews will land on coral islands to snorkel on pristine reefs, visit beaches home to nesting sea turtles, adventure to the Galapagos islands on board one of the world’s most beautiful historic vessels. Discover for yourself the wildlife that fascinated Charles Darwin and led to the emergence of his great theories and ideas, from Galapagos tortoises to marine iguanas. 

An absolute beauty, the boat resonates with history and adventure. The boat has already successfully completed two past global  voyages (in 1996-98 and 2012-14). During these voyages, the ship  journeyed to Antarctica, the Falklands and South Georgia. 

Transatlantic sailing Bermuda to Azores

Sailing aboard is a very special experience. The crew will be happy to explain the function of all the ropes, halyards and sheets to you. You will  be assigned watches with the crew to sail, steer and navigate the ship. While the boat is anchored, a sloop and a dinghy are available for making trips ashore to explore.  One of the crew members will take you to shore and pick you up again safely. 

Beyond being a truly great adventure, the DARWIN200, is a planetary conservation initiative that will empower the next generation’s elite environmental leaders and engage millions of students worldwide in conservation projects. 

Berths on each voyage leg are limited. Secure your place and be part of the adventure on this unique global voyage.  

No experience needed. Passion for adventure is a must!

32 Voyage Legs – 1 Epic Adventure

The Darwin200 voyage consists of 32 legs that span the globe, taking place from 2023 to 2025. Each voyage leg has a different duration, allowing you to join the part of the journey that fits your schedule and interests. On all voyage legs, visits ashore will be made (where possible) along the itinerary, to allow you to explore in Charles Darwin’s wake. Complete and enquiry form for full details.

DARWIN200 Voyage Legs

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 1: Plymouth to Tenerife

Start Point: Plymouth Departure Date: 14/08/2023 End Point: Tenerife

Arrival Date: 26/08/2023

Price: €3,250

Sail from Plymouth (England), where Charles Darwin stepped aboard HMS Beagle, to the Tenerife (Canary Islands).

Explore the breath-taking beaches and spectacular volcanic landscapes of the Canary Archipelago, and discover the historic villages and unique wildlife of the islands, including unique ‘dragons blood’ trees! Participants of all voyage legs are invited to a party in Plymouth on the evening of 13/08/2023 to mark the start of the DARWIN200 Global Voyage!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 2: Tenerife to Cape Verde

Start Point: Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Departure Date: 03/09/2023

End Point: Cape Verde Arrival Date: 11/09/2023 Price: €2,340

Voyage from Tenerife (Canary Islands) to the Cape Verde Islands to discover the tropical landscapes, sapphire waters and diverse wildlife that enthralled Charles Darwin during his first forays ashore. Cape Verde is famed for its dramatic hill walking, the Viana sand desert and extensive coral reefs home to green sea turtles. The islands also boast unspoilt beaches! Get the best of both worlds – explore the Canary Islands before this voyage leg, and relax in Cape Verde afterward!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 3: Atlantic Crossing Cape Verde to Fernando de Noronha

Start Point: Cape Verde

Departure Date: 20/09/2023

End Point: Fernando de Noronha (Brazil)

Arrival Date: 01/10/2023

Price: €2,760

Sail from Cape Verge to the spectacular, volcanic islands of Fernando de Noronha, off the coast of Brazil. Home to historic ruins, beautiful beaches and unique wildlife. These islands abound with tropical seabirds and rich marine life, including spinner dolphins and pilot whales. Although little  known by the outside world, the Fernando do Noronha islands are one of

South America’s best kept secrets. Flights connect to several cities in mainland Brazil for easy onward travel.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 4: Fernando de Norohna to Salvador de Bahía

Start Point: Fernando de Noronha (Brazil)

Departure Date: 09/10/2023

End Point: Salvador de Bahía (Brazil)

Arrival Date: 17/10/2023

Price: € 2,250

Sail from Fernando de Norohna (Brazil) to the spectacular Brazilian coast to reach the city of Salvador, a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with historic colonial heritage little changed since the time of Charles Darwin’s visit. The city is noted

for its cuisine, vibrant music and energetic dance, as well as beautiful nearby beaches. At the start of this voyage leg, reach Fernando de Noronha via convenient flights from several cities in mainland Brazil.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 5: Salvador de Bahía to Rio de Janeiro

Start Point: Salvador de Bahía (Brazil)

Departure Date: 27/10/2023 End Point: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Arrival Date: 04/11/2023 Price: €2,250

Sail south along the breath-taking coast of Brazil, past Sugarloaf Mountain into one of the most beautiful harbours of the world. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage history of Rio and visit the sites of this world class city, from the mountains of Corcovado to Copacabana Beach. Discover the countless wonders of the tropical countryside nearby Rio, from beautiful waterfalls to diverse wildlife. While sailing during this voyage leg, the coast from Salvador to Rio boasts dramatic views!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 6: Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo

Start Point: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Departure Date: 14/11/2023 End Point: Montevideo (Uruguay) Arrival Date: 25/11/2023

Price: €2,880

Sail from Rio de Janeiro to Montevideo, the colourful and historic capital city of Uruguay, located on the northeastern bank of the Río de la Plata. Explore the city’s picturesque old town and vibrant traditional markets. Savour local dishes and discover nearby seaside resorts with sandy streets

and pine forests. Montevideo is a perfect point for you to explore Uruguay after this voyage leg, and flights connect this charming city to destinations worldwide for easy onward travel.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 7: Montevideo to Puerto Madryn

Embarkation Montevideo: 4 December 2023 at 5PM

Disembarkation Puerto Madryn: 12 December 2023 at 9AM

Price: €1450 p.p.

During this leg of the DARWIN200 Global Voyage, the crew will sail south along the pristine Argentinian coast to discover the impressive pampas of Argentina.  Spot Caracaras while you’re sailing. The waters around Puerto Madryn are famous for spectacular wildlife. Whales give birth here from June to December and are present in large numbers and there are also large colonies of sea lions, elephant seals and penguins.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 8: Puerto Madryn to Puerto Santa Cruz

Embarkation Puerto Madryn (Argentina): 20 December 2023 at 5PM

Disembarkation Puerto Santa Cruz (Argentina): 27 December 2023 at 9AM

Price €1450 p.p.

Voyage along the Argentine coast, past kilometres of pristine beaches and bays. Follow Charles Darwin’s footsteps and journey deep into Patagonia to explore the dramatic frontier landscape of the pampa. Spot wild rhea and guanacos (a species of Lama), as well as caracaras and steamer ducks. The Pataconian coast is seldom visited by most tourists, but home to breath-taking landscapes and wildlife. We will make landfall along the coast as weather and circumstances allow.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 9: Puerto Santa Cruz to Stanley

Start Point: Puerto Santa Cruz (Argentina)

Departure Date: 28/12/2023

End Point: Stanley (Falkland Islands)

Arrival Date: 05/01/2024

Price: €2,250

Sail to the Falkland Islands, home to an astounding range of wildlife, including five species of penguins, the world’s largest albatross colonies, elephant seals and fur seals. Several days are planned to visit key islands as circumstances allow. The Falklands are one of the world’s best kept wildlife secrets! We will visit spectacular wildlife hotspots and historic sites, where weather and circumstances allow. Highlights include vast shag, penguin and albatross colonies, and seal beaches.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 10: Stanley to Punta Arenas

Start Point: Stanley (Falkland Islands)

Departure Date: 13/01/2024 End Point: Punta Arenas (Chile) Arrival Date: 21/01/2024 Price: €2,250

Explore the Strait of Magellan and spot penguins, seals and whales from the deck of our ship! In the heart of this

frontier land at the end of the world, we reach Punta Arenas, a fascinating gold rush boomtown beset with elaborate wool- boom mansions, lying close to the terminus of the Andes.

If weather and circumstances allow, we may be able to visit Steeple Jason Island en route from Stanley, home to the world’s largest albatross colony!


DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 11: Punta Arenas to Concepción

Start Point: Punta Arenas (Chile) Departure Date: 09/02/2024 End Point: Concepción (Chile) Arrival Date: 21/02/2024

Price: €3,250

Sail through the breath-taking Chilean fjords in Charles Darwin’s wake through some of South America’s most beautiful scenery. Spot glaciers, dramatic peaks and wildlife along the shoreline.

We’ll land, where possible to explore the mysterious forests of stunted, mossy trees, before venturing north along the dramatic Chilean coast. We will make landfall as weather and circumstances allow. Keep watch for seals, penguins and whales! The Chilean fjords are a nature lover’s dream!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 12: Concepción to Valparaíso

Start Point: Concepción (Chile) Departure Date: 29/02/2024 End Point: Valparaíso (Chile) Arrival Date: 03/03/2024 Price: €800

Sail from Concepción to the history city of Valparaiso, home to UNESCO world heritage Spanish colonial architecture. The city is known as “Little San Francisco” and “The Jewel of the Pacific”. Explore the craggy back streets of the colourful old town and savour exotic local fruit and vegetables in traditional markets. This little visited part of South America is home to some of the continents most dramatic coastline and beautiful beaches rich with seals and seabirds.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 13: Valparaíso to Callao

Start Point: Valparaíso (Chile) Departure Date: 12/03/2024 End Point: Callao (Peru) Arrival Date: 23/03/2024 Price: €2,000

Sail north with views across the Atacama Desert, famed for some of the most unearthly scenery in South America. Land at remote fishing villages, spot sea birds and sea lions in a virtually untouched ecosystem and reach the historic seaport to Callao and adjacent Lima, both troves of history from Spanish colonial times. This voyage leg allows you to really get off the beaten track and see parts of Chile few visitors ever get to experience!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 14: Callao to Puerto Lucía

Start Point: Callao (Peru) Departure Date: 31/03/2024 End Point: Puerto Lucía (Ecuador) Arrival Date: 07/04/2024

Price: €1,500

Start sailing along the coast of the Attacama and end at jungle- clad shores near Guyayauil. This adventurous journey passes quaint fishing villages, stunning beaches spanning kilometres and vast seabird colonies. Seldom explored, this remote coastline is one of South America’s best kept secrets. We will make landfall as weather and circumstances allow. From deck, be awed by the breath-taking coastal scenery and keep watch for migratory whales!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 15: Puerto Lucía to Galápagos Islands

Start Point: Puerto Lucía (Ecuador)

Departure Date: 14/04/2024 End Point: Galápagos Islands Arrival Date: 25/04/2024 Price: €3,950

Join the iconic voyage leg sailing to the Galapagos. Scan the horizon for the dramatic islands to appear in the sea mists, then explore the dramatic volcanic isles that captivated Charles Darwin. Several days are planned to include sailing trips around the islands and land visits to key wildlife sites as weather and circumstances allow. Ashore, you may spot giant tortoises, marine iguanas, frigatebirds, unique finches and the spectacular landscapes that make the Galapagos famous!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 16: Galápagos Islands to Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Start Point: Galápagos Islands

Departure Date: 19/05/2024

End Point: Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Arrival Date: 04/06/2024

Price: €4,250

Sail between two of the world’s most fascinating island groups. Explore the incredible Galapagos Islands before boarding for this leg and discover the wildlife that captivated Charles Darwin. At Easter Island marvel at the approx. 1,000 monumental statues, called moai, created by the early Rapa Nui people. In the waters around Easter Island, spot humpback whales, dolphins and (if you are lucky) giant blue whales. Flights connect with mainland Chile for easy onward travel.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 17: Easter Island (Rapa Nui) to Pitcairn to Mangareva (French Polynesia)

Start Point: Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Departure Date: 13/06/2024

End Point: Mangareva (French Polynesia)

Arrival Date: 29/06/2024

Price: €4,250

Sail across the Pacific Ocean to land at fascinating Pitcairn Island, home to the descendants of the mutiny on the Bounty. The island is rich with history, including ancient Polynesian rock carvings and unique birdlife. Taste local breadfruit and unique honey! After Pitcairn, sail through the coral-rich waters of French Polynesia, arriving at Mangareva, in the Gambier Islands. Flights connect Mangareva to Tahiti and beyond, allowing for easy onward travel.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 18: Mangareva (French Polynesia) to Papeete (Tahiti)

Start Point: Mangareva (French Polynesia)

Departure Date: 08/07/2024 End Point: Papeete (Tahiti) Arrival Date: 22/07/2024 Price: €4,250

During this voyage leg, we explore the islands of western French Polynesia, stopping in locations where few tourists are able to visit (as weather and circumstances allow). Visit remote villages, snorkel over pristine coral reefs and land on coconut palm fringed beaches. We aim to sail to remote atolls and coral islands. We arrive at Papeete, on the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Flights from Tahiti connect to Mangareva, allowing easy transit to the start point of this voyage leg.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 19: Papeete (Tahiti) to Papeete (Tahiti)

Start Point: Papeete (Tahiti) Departure Date: 23/07/2024 End Point: Papeete (Tahiti) Arrival Date: 02/08/2024 Price: €2,750

This leg is all about atolls and islands! Explore one of the most beautiful part of our world – the scattered moss-green islands of Polynesia that rise out of sapphire blue waters. Discover local cultures, traditional dancing, outrigger canoes, fringing reefs and visit turquoise lagoons! We will land on as many islands as weather and circumstances allow. Explore beautiful Tahiti before and after this leg, perfect for a pre- or post-voyage holiday!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 20: Papeete (Tahiti) to Rarotonga (Cook Islands)

Start Point: Papeete (Tahiti)

Departure Date: 11/08/2024

End Point: Rarotonga (Cook Islands)

Arrival Date: 23/08/2024

Price: €3,120

Sail to one of the Pacific’s best kept secrets: the Cook Islands. Witness a traditional fire dance ceremony, saviour delicious tropical fish cooked on a Polynesia hot stone oven and discover some of the most beautiful coral reefs and beaches in the Pacific. Snorkel the waters of the Cook Islands, famed for their pearls and beautiful tropical forests. This voyage leg is perfect for those that want to relax after an intrepid sailing adventure! Regular flights provide easy onward travel.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 21: Rarotonga (Cook Islands) to Tonga

Start Point: Rarotonga (Cook Islands)

Departure Date: 26/08/2024

End Point: Tonga

Arrival Date: 08/09/2024

Price: €3,500

Sail to the islands of the Kingdom of Tonga, home to authentic, centuries-old culture, history and traditions. For 1,000 years, Tongan monarchs have ruled over isles rich with beaches, coral reefs and waters frequented by migrating humpback whales.

Today, Tonga is known as the ‘True South Pacific’ for its unspoilt beauty. On arrival, explore the island’s unique cultures and explore beautiful tropical forests, rich with birdlife. Regular flights service Tonga’s airport for onward travel.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 22: Tonga to Fiji

Start Point: Tonga

Departure Date: 09/09/2024

End Point: Fiji

Arrival Date: 18/09/2024

Price: €2,500

Journey to the heart of the South Pacific to land on tropical islands and experience some of the most breath-taking underwater vistas in the world. Known as the ‘soft coral capital of the world’, the Fijian islands are home to ‘rainbow reefs’ as well as remote villages, palm fringed beaches of powdery sand and azure waters. This voyage leg is ideal for those that wish to experience two of the most varied islands in the Pacific! After arrival, relax at one of Fijis opulent resorts!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 23: Fiji to Bay of Islands (New Zealand)

Start Point: Fiji

Departure Date: 21/09/2024

End Point: Bay of Islands (New Zealand)

Arrival Date: 01/10/2024

Price: €2,750

Sail to New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. On shore, explore rich Maori culture, historic colonial ruins and New Zealand’s unique wildlife. Explore the backdrop of ancient kauri forests and as we glide amongst emerald isles and crystal clear waters, looking for whales, dolphins, seals and seabirds! The Bay of Isles is regarded as one of New Zealands most beautiful locations.

At the end of this voyage leg, you will be perfectly placed to explore New Zealand’s North Island!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 24: Auckland to Sydney

Start Point: Auckland (New Zealand)

Departure Date: 31/10/2024 End Point: Sydney (Australia) Arrival Date: 14/11/2024 Price: €3,750

After scheduled maintenance in Auckland, the ship will sail across the Tasman Sea and into spectacular Sydney

Harbour for a unique view of the world famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Walk in Charles Darwin’s footsteps exploring the Blue Mountains and the historic Rocks waterfront. During the crossing of the Tasman Sea, look for migrating whales and scan the horizon for ‘the Heads’ as you approach the dramatic coast that marks the entrance of Sydney Harbour.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 25: Sydney to Hobart

Start Point: Sydney (Australia) Departure Date: 26/11/2024 End Point: Hobart (Australia) Arrival Date: 03/12/2024 Price: €2,080

Sail from Sydney south along New South Wales’ dramatic coastline. Pass breath-taking beaches, remote coastal town and rocky headlands before crossing the Bass Strait to reach Tasmania and the historic port city of Hobart. Ashore, wander the city’s historic streets, colonial history and traditional pubs. Tasmania is a nature lover’s paradise, as well as being home to some of Australia’s finest vineyards and top restaurants. After the voyage, treat yourself to a gourmet tour of the island!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 26: Hobart to Christchurch

Start Point: Hobart (Australia)

Departure Date: 12/12/2024

End Point: Christchurch (New Zealand)

Arrival Date: 27/12/2024

Price: €4,000

Cross the Tasman Sea! Sail from Hobart to Christchurch to achieve one of the world’s great sailing adventures. During the transit, look out for whales and albatrosses. As New Zealand rises on the horizon, marvel at the beautiful coast line and land in one of the country’s most vibrant cities. Ashore, enjoy wine tasting trip and world-famous cuisine in boutique restaurants. After visiting Tasmania, Charles Darwin did not return back to New Zealand, but you can on this exciting voyage leg!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 27: Christchurch to Cape Horn to Stanley

Start Point: Christchurch (New Zealand)

Departure Date: 02/01/2025

End Point: Stanley (Falkland Islands)

Arrival Date: 19/02/2025

Price: €7,200

Sail legendary Cape Horn! In past centuries, sailors that accomplished this feat earned the right the title of “Cape Horner” to boast of their seafaring victory. They were held in such reverence that they were granted the right to wear a gold loop earring and the right to dine with one foot on the dinner table! Become a Horner! Along the way, spot whales, dolphins, penguins and albatrosses! This voyage leg is not for novice sailors, but those seeking a genuine sailing adventure!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 28: Stanley to South Georgia to Tristan da Cunha to Cape Town

Start Point: Stanley (Falkland Islands)

Departure Date: 25/02/2025

End Point: Cape Town (South Africa)

Arrival Date: 06/04/2025

Price: €8,200

Sail to South Georgia, home to one of the world’s greatest concentrations of wildlife: tens of millions of seabirds, penguins, fur seals, elephant seals and whales. Six days are scheduled for exploring ashore along South Georgia’s northern coast. We will visit key whaling stations and wildlife hotspots, such as Grytviken, Salisbury Plain and St Andrew’s Bay. We then sail to Tristan, the most remote inhabited island on Earth, to discover a vibrant community in the heart of the South Atlantic!

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 29: Cape Town to Saint Helena Island

Start Point: Cape Town (South Africa)

Departure Date: 28/04/2025 End Point: Saint Helena Island Arrival Date: 10/05/2025 Price: €1,950

Saint Helena has been described as a ‘living museum’ for its rich history. Home to hundreds of unique animals and plants, as well as Longwood House, where Napoleon Boneparte was exiled. Regular flights depart Saint Helena for onward travel.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 30: Saint Helena Island to Ascension Island

Start Point: Saint Helena Island Departure Date: 18/05/2025 End Point: Ascension Island Arrival Date: 25/05/2025 Price: €1,680

Ascension is one of the most interesting volcanic islands in the world, home to vast nesting turtle populations, migrating land crabs, large seabird colonies, colonial forts and an artificial rainforest instigated by Darwin. Flights service Saint Helena and Ascension allowing easy travel before/after this leg.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 31: Ascension Island to Azores

Start Point: Ascension Island Departure Date: 02/06/2025 End Point: Azores

Arrival Date: 30/06/2025

Price: €4,350

Cross the equator and explore this emerald archipelago, filled with extinct volcanic peaks and craters now covered with lush subtropical jungle and diverse wildlife! Explore remote fishing villages and historic towns, savour local cuisine and spot dolphins and whales in the blue Atlantic waters. Ascension Island is serviced by regular flights, allowing participants to travel by air to Ascension to join this voyage leg. Regular flights connect the Azores to Europe for easy onward travel.

DARWIN200 VOYAGE LEG 32: Azores to Falmouth

Start Point: Ponta Delgada (Azores)

Departure Date: 08/07/2025 End Point: Falmouth (England) Arrival Date: 20/07/2025 Price: €3,250

Join the final leg of Charles Darwin’s journey, and sail to Falmouth, England. Step ashore on the very docks where Darwin’s voyage on HMS Beagle ended. During our journey spot sunfish, dolphins, whales, blue sharks and (if you are lucky), giant basking sharks! Discover the quaint streets of historic Falmouth. Participants of all voyage legs are invited to a party on the evening of 20/07/2025 to mark the successful conclusion of the DARWIN200 Global Voyage!

The Boat

The 50m tall ship can carry 24 voyage crew (members of the public joining as sailors)  plus professional crew. She has a bar, a piano and a wood-fired stove.  You will be accommodated in comfortable, single-sex cabins that  consist of 2 or 4 bunks. 

The ship is furnished comfortably and supplied with all modern conveniences. All cabins are fitted with a washbasin with hot and cold running water. A few cabins have their own shower. The other showers and the toilets are communal. In the spacious and stylish saloon there are reading tables, seating areas and a piano. All cabins have forced ventilation and have the option to open a window or a hatch. The always-present wind provides a pleasant temperature on the lower deck. There are quiet corners where you can write a letter, read a book or to select and edit the photos you took along the way.

Want to take part? Click here to see all the voyage details 

This Trip is Suitable For
Adventurers, sailors and anyone who wants to experience a sailing adventure with good health and a reasonable level of fitness. There are no upper age limits although a doctor’s note may be requested. The DARWIN200 2023-25 Global Voyage is intended to be a life changing adventure for those who take part. That said, global voyages are intense experiences so make an enquiry to chat to Larissa as to whether this is the voyage for you!

The Global Voyage consists of 32 Voyage Legs which follow Charles Darwin’s route on HMS Beagle.  The ship will make landfall at key locations where Darwin stepped ashore.  

During each of these landfall stops, the ship will host groups of DARWIN LEADERS to undertake  research projects in exactly the same locations visited by Charles Darwin two centuries ago. For logistical reasons, the route of HMS Beagle has been simplified.  For example, HMS Beagle back-tracked north and south several times along the east coast of  South America. We will sail this route only once.  

The crew have also added a few locations that Charles Darwin did not visit. These enhance the global voyage and enable sailing during periods of optimal weather. These additional stops also allow essential repair and maintenance, refuelling, provisioning and planned publicity events.  Crucially, unlike HMS Beagle (which sailed across the Indian Ocean), we are returning from  Australia via Cape Horn to enable visits to South Georgia and Tristan da Cunha! 

With the exception of Cocos (Keeling) and Mauritius, the crew will make landfall at every major location  Charles Darwin visited during his voyage aboard HMS Beagle! 

The permanent crew members are highly experienced ocean going sailors. The crew holds all the required certificates and diplomas and is qualified to sail  worldwide. The atmosphere on board is informal and friendly.

Want to take part? Click here to see all the voyage details 

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