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Sail Tahiti to Cook Islands to Tonga to Fiji

Duration: 12 days
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Legs 20, 21 and 22 of the DARWIN200 with have you sailing to some of the Pacific’s best kept secrets … will you be on board as guest crew?

In September 2023 the DARWIN200 will begin, following Charles Darwin’s world voyage on the HMS Beagle. Built in 1918, this uniquely restored, three masted schooner is one of the most beautiful historic vessels afloat. This global journey is made up of 32 voyage legs, and involves sailing to some of the most beautiful corners of the world.

Leg 20: Sail Papeete (Tahiti) to Rarotonga (Cook Islands)
Sail to one of the Pacific’s best kept secrets: the Cook Islands. Witness a traditional fire dance ceremony, saviour delicious tropical fish cooked on a Polynesia hot stone oven and discover some of the most beautiful coral reefs and beaches in the Pacific. Snorkel the waters of the Cook Islands, famed for their pearls and beautiful tropical forests. This voyage leg is perfect for those that want to relax after an intrepid sailing adventure! Regular flights provide easy onward travel.

Departure date: 11/08/2024
Arrival date: 23/08/2024
Price: €3,120

Leg 21: Rarotonga (Cook Islands) to Tonga
Sail to the islands of the Kingdom of Tonga, home to authentic, centuries-old culture, history and traditions. For 1,000 years, Tongan monarchs have ruled over isles rich with beaches, coral reefs and waters frequented by migrating humpback whales. Today, Tonga is known as the ‘True South Pacific’ for its unspoilt beauty. On arrival, explore the island’s unique cultures and explore beautiful tropical forests, rich with birdlife. Regular flights service Tonga’s airport for onward travel.

Departure date: 26/08/2024
Estimated arrival date: 08/09/2024
Price: €3,500

Leg 22: Tonga to Fiji
Journey to the heart of the South Pacific to land on tropical islands and experience some of the most breath-taking underwater vistas in the world. Known as the ‘soft coral capital of the world’, the Fijian islands are home to ‘rainbow reefs’ as well as remote villages, palm fringed beaches of powdery sand and azure waters. This voyage leg is ideal for those that wish to experience two of the most varied islands in the Pacific! After arrival, relax at one of Fijis opulent resorts!

Departure date: 09/09/2024
Estimated arrival date: 18/09/2024
Price: €2,500

Sailing aboard is a very special experience. The crew will be happy to explain the function of all the ropes, halyards and sheets to you. You will  be assigned watches with the crew to sail, steer and navigate the ship. While the boat is anchored, a sloop and a dinghy are available for making trips ashore to explore.  One of the crew members will take you to shore and pick you up again safely.

Beyond being a truly great adventure, the DARWIN200, is a planetary conservation initiative that will empower the next generation’s elite environmental leaders and engage millions of students worldwide in conservation projects.

Berths on each voyage leg are limited. Secure your place and be part of the adventure on this unique global voyage.

No experience needed. Passion for adventure is a must!

Why you'll love this adventure

  • An epic voyage where you are the crew sail, steer and navigate the ship
  • Follow Charles Darwin’s footsteps and journey deep into the South Pacific on board a tall ship
  • Perfect for solo travellers, friends and families - no experience needed
Papeete (Tahiti)
Trip Duration
12 Days
Group Size
Culture, Expedition, Explorer, Sailing, Tall Ship
Style of Travel
Guided Group, Incentive Travel, Solo Traveller




11 August 2024



23 August 2024



26 August 2024



8 September 2024



9 September 2024



18 September 2024


The Darwin200 voyage consists of 32 legs that span the globe, taking place from 2023 to 2025. Each voyage leg has a different duration, allowing you to join the part of the journey that fits your schedule and interests. On all voyage legs, visits ashore will be made (where possible) along the itinerary, to allow you to explore in Charles Darwin’s wake. Complete and enquiry form for full details.

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What's included

  • The voyage fee and all sail training on board
  • 3 meals a day
  • Coffee and tea
  • A full color, 300-page, hardback book as a momento of your adventure on board.
  • A short video which will be filmed during each voyage leg.
  • An invitation to the Start of Voyage Party in Plymouth on 13/08/2023.
  • An invitation to the End of Voyage Party in Falmouth on 20/07/2025.
  • An invitation to the DARWIN200 Concluding Award Ceremony in London in summer, 2025. Meet environmental celebrities, the young  conservationists (‘DARWIN LEADERS’) and take part in a prize-giving ceremony.
  • Acknowledgement and thanks by name on all DARWIN200 output films throughout the global voyage (although anonymity will be respected, if requested).
  • Free DARWIN200 Global Voyage branded T-shirt!

Not included

  • Flights to and from the vessel
  • Transfers from the airport to the vessel
  • Insurance
  • Visas

Trip notes


Leg 20 €3,120, Leg 21 €3,500, Leg 22 €2,500

Min age



The tall ship can carry 24 voyage crew (members of the public joining as sailors) plus professional crew. She has a bar, a piano and a wood-fired stove. You will be accommodated in comfortable, single-sex cabins that consist of 2 or 4 bunks.

The ship is furnished comfortably and supplied with all modern conveniences. All cabins are fitted with a washbasin with hot and cold running water. A few cabins have their own shower. The other showers and the toilets are communal.

In the spacious and stylish saloon there are reading tables, seating areas and a piano. All cabins have forced ventilation and have the option to open a window or a hatch. The always-present wind provides a pleasant temperature on the lower deck.

There are quiet corners where you can write a letter, read a book or to select and edit the photos you took along the way.


The experienced cook will prepare three well-balanced meals a day. In between meals snacks  will be served. Coffee, tea and milk are included in the price. Other drinks (including alcoholic  beverages from the bar) will be totted up during and charged at the end of each voyage leg.

Who is this trip for?

Adventurers, sailors and anyone who wants to experience a sailing adventure with good health and a reasonable level of fitness. There are no upper age limits although a doctor’s note may be requested. The DARWIN200 2023-25 Global Voyage is intended to be a life changing adventure for those who take part. That said, global voyages are intense experiences so make an enquiry to chat to Larissa as to whether this is the voyage for you!

Additional notes

The Global Voyage consists of 32 Voyage Legs which follow Charles Darwin’s route on HMS Beagle.  The ship will make landfall at key locations where Darwin stepped ashore.  

During each of these landfall stops, the ship will host groups of DARWIN LEADERS to undertake  research projects in exactly the same locations visited by Charles Darwin two centuries ago. For logistical reasons, the route of HMS Beagle has been simplified.  

For example, HMS Beagle back-tracked north and south several times along the east coast of  South America. We will sail this route only once.  

The crew have also added a few locations that Charles Darwin did not visit. These enhance the global voyage and enable sailing during periods of optimal weather. These additional stops also allow essential repair and maintenance, refueling, reprovisioning and planned publicity events.  Crucially, unlike HMS Beagle (which sailed across the Indian Ocean), we are returning from  Australia via Cape Horn to enable visits to South Georgia and Tristan da Cunha! 

With the exception of Cocos (Keeling) and Mauritius, the crew will make landfall at every major location  Charles Darwin visited during his voyage aboard HMS Beagle! 

The crew members are highly experienced ocean going sailors, which often sail with the  Oosterschelde. The crew holds all the required certificates and diplomas and is qualified to sail  worldwide. The atmosphere on board is informal and friendly.

Tour operator

This fantastic three-masted topsail schooner is the last remaining representative of the large fleet of schooners that sailed under the Dutch flag at the beginning of the 20th century.

We love the brilliant voyages she undertakes that you can join, with no previous sailing experience, as voyage crew. Sailing with a large and genuine sailing ship like this is a very special experience. You join the crew sailing, steering and navigating the ship. Sailing experience is not required for this as the professional crew will explain and teach you everything you need to know.

There is an informal feeling on board and the main point of a voyage is to have a hands-on, active experience and exposure to the sea and sailing as well as the regions you travel between. That said, the ship is furnished comfortably and supplied with all modern conveniences.  All the cabins are fitted with a washbasin with hot and cold running water and there are separate sets of showers. In the spacious and stylishly appointed salon there are reading tables, seating areas and a piano.

Life on board is made even better by delicious meals prepared by a professional chef to fuel you up for a day’s sailing.

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Sail Tahiti to Cook Islands to Tonga to Fiji

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