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Meet Captain Siggi and find out what makes his back country ski sail trip in Iceland so special

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A 6 day Iceland backcountry skiing and sail expedition to the stunning Hornstrandir Nature Reserve in the West Fjords of Iceland- only a few miles from the Arctic Circle is our top choice for skiers in 2016.

With a fantastic variety of mountains and ridges to ski, stunning scenery and a comfortable sailboat to act as your ‘movable base’ taking you to remote spots otherwise out of reach, this sell out trip is sure to be a highlight of your year… and possibly your best ski trip ever.

We caught up with Captain Siggi whose incredible backcountry ski and sail Iceland trips are not to be missed. We managed to catch him between trips for a quick Q&A about what makes this trip so special.

1. Describe the ski sail trip in 3 words

Mountains meet Ocean!

2. Is there a music track that sums up the trip for you?

The local guy Mugison with “Stingum af” or for a more hectic jam the Icelandic FM Belfast with “Caribbean

3. What do guests most enjoy about the trip?

They mostly enjoy each others company but also

… the great skiing in fantastic scenery

… the good food and living onboard

… the exploration of new grounds

4. What are guests most surprised by?

To start their ski trips each morning by walking through sea-weed!

5. Backcountry Ski & Sail – why Iceland and why now?

The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is visited by very few people. It´s remote and exclusive even if Iceland is easily accessible from most locations in Europe and North America.

Find out more and book this incredible trip – spaces still left for departures (March – May 2016) and read Tori’s blog In Search of Wilderness about her experience in 2015.

As at 19th Jan 2016 the following dates with availability are:

2016 dates – Sail Boat Back Country Skiing, Iceland

  • 29/2-5/3 (full)
  • 7/3-12/3
  • 14/3-19/3
  • 20/3-25/3
  • 27/3-2/4 (full)
  • 4/4-9/4
  • 11/4-16/4 (full)
  • 18/4-23/4
  • 24/4-29/4 (full)
  • 2/5-14/5 (full)
  • 16/5-21/5 (full)
  • 23/5-28/5 (full)

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