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Try our most challenging adventures: be like an Olympic champion

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Today is the day! If you are a sport lover you sure have been waiting for this date for a long long time. Now the countdown is finally over, so get prepared for the Olympics of Rio 2016.

Sport matches are an inspiration to never give up, challenge yourself, and get better day after day.You’ll might never participate in the Olympics, but you may have more in common with an Olympic champion than you think.

If the spirit of the Olympics inspired you to challenge yourself like never before and take part in the ultimate adventure, than you should check out some of our most exciting adventure travel trips.

Sail Training Bermuda and The West Indies

Participate in this six-month sailing adventure to learn from the beginning the art of sailing, getting better day after day to become an expert seafarer. And in the meantime you’ll also see stunning places!

Trek Afghanistan Wakhan Corridor Expedition

This pioneering travel is only for the boldest adventurers. Follow the paths of past travellers like Marco Polo to discover this still overlooked land and reach the so-called “roof of the world”.

Siberia Artic Expedition: Reindeer Migration with the Nenets

Live an extreme adventure travel to the end of the world crossing the Gulf of Ob with the nomadic people of the Nenets deep in the Arctic Circle. This minimalist expedition is a true race against time, as Nenets have to cross the Gulf before reindeers become too weak for the lack of food.

Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan Mountain Adventure

If one sport is not enough for you and you want to spend a couple of weeks far away from civilization, then this is the ultimate adventure for you. During the expedition you will be involved with mountain biking, horse riding, rafting and even riding a helicopter, discovering stunning mountain landscapes in the remote lands of Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan.

Motorbike the world’s Highest Roads – Manali to Leh

Take part in this unusual adventure and cross with a motorbike the world’s highest roads in an Indian landscape far away from the crowd. This journey is only for the toughest adventure seekers, as you’ll have to ride in extreme altitudes and need at least two years of riding experience.

Want to know more? Check out the wilderness category for more tough and extreme adventure travels!

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