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Considering Joining the Tall Ship Northwest Passage Expedition? Join this Webinar!

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Missed the webinar? Register below for updates and the next planned date and we’ll email you the document summary from the first webinar as a PDF. 

On June 18th 2024 at 19:00 CET the crew of a history-making tall ship that have twice completed crossings of the Northwest Passage will host a webinar for adventure seekers interested in joining them on their 2025 attempt from Alaska to Greenland

Several Another World Adventures sailors have joined them on their previous successful attempts and we hope this will be the same for the crew of 12 that is being assembled to take part in 2025.

The sailing route is only navigable for a limited time each year, hampered by sea ice and ice floes. It’s an area of which we still have little knowledge, and is hardly ever visited. The first ship to navigate the Northwest Passage had to overwinter twice and completed the voyage in 1906, while the owners of this vessel have now done it for a second time, each within a summer.

In 2019, the tall ship and her crew successfully navigated from East to West. Then again in 2023 they made it through, this time sailing from West to East which is the route to be attempted again in 2025 starting in Dutch Harbor a crew of 4 professional sailors and 12 expedition sailors will set sail. Also in 2024 they will run a ‘taste of the Northwest Passage‘ voyage.

Are you thinking of joining them?

To register for the June 18th webinar which starts at 19:00 CET please complete this short form and the crew will send you an email with call link details. 

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It's very helpful to know a little about your interset in this expedition, whether you're just curious to hear about it or are hell-bent on finding an expedition crew to join. If you have any questions you'd like the crew to cover in the talk then it would be great to share them here!

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If you’d like more details or to see a video of life on board this ship just make an enquiry on any of their forthcoming adventures which you can find here.

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