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Celebrate International Lion Day with a wild adventure

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Today is the International Lion Day. We love to celebrate these majestic creatures but we need this anniversary because lions are an endangered species.

Protection and conservation are paramount and some of the adventure travels you’ll find on our site will take you to the heart of protected areas where herds of lions live in the wild.

We recognise and support the incredible work of a lot of organisations that contribute to the conservation of lions and other endangered species. Hence, we think that today is a special occasion to say thanks to all of these people. Most of them work on a voluntary basis and put their time and effort to protect other forms of life.

International Lion Day – wild adventures

Seven Day Safari Adventure Through Swaziland and Kruger

This wilderness adventure holiday is all focused on discovering the stunning African nature and wildlife. You will go from natural reserve to natural reserve with an open 4×4 vehicle to spot some amazing animals living in their home land and natural environment. All Big Five are present, including lions of course.

The Great Lion Project is a voluntary programme to help safeguard the big cats in their natural habitat. Volunteers will be involved in monitoring the animals.

Tanzania Adventure – in the Footsteps of Livingstone

Follow the path of the missionary David Livingstone, one of the first Europeans to explore this area over 150 years ago. This is a full immersion in the wilderness. You will visit Mahale National Park and Katayi National Park to spot all the animals that live there. Also, you will visit the second highest waterfalls in Africa, take a cruise on a lake, and climb a mountain.

Tanzania is the African country with the largest lion population. Lion Alert provides information about their biggest threats to survival.

Malawi to Victoria Falls

This wilderness adventure holiday will lead you through four countries in East Africa. One of those countries is Zambia, where you’ll visit South Luangwa National Park, which is full of wild animals. You’ll also have the chance to camp along the Luangwa River and hopefully spot animals more closely.

Smaller Earth offers a volunteering experience in Zambia to take part in the Lion Rehabilitation Programme.

To discover more unusual safari trips throughout Africa check out our overland & safari page.

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