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It’s time to blow the kids’ inheritance

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By now, we’ve all heard about George Osborne’s pension reforms and the 55+ crowd is probably especially excited for 2015. Recently, new research was published showing that roughly one in five will use some of their lump sum for a holiday adventure getaway.

If we might be so bold, we’ve got a suggestion.

A holiday getaway is good. An adventure of a lifetime is better.

For those considering where they might go to enjoy a chunk of their hard earned pension, we at Another World Adventures suggest going big. Our beautiful planet is chock full of amazing places, stop in your tracks beauty, and once in a lifetime activities. Let this be the journey that sets the tone for the next phase of your life.

Below we offer five unique adventures that provide you with that once in a lifetime experience starting from day one!

Travel Congo In The Footsteps of Stanley

Over the course of 24 days, this adventure takes you down the great Congo River on a river boat as you retrace the incredible journey of Henry Morton Stanley. From Kinashasa to Kisangani you’ll cover roughly 1,700 kilometres and experience Africa like very few others. This trip offers all the best of unforgettable Congo.

Transatlantic Sail Adventure – Atlantic Ocean

This is a 10,000 nautical mile voyage taking six months to complete. You’ll visit a dozen countries starting in Nova Scotia and heading to the Canary Islands, Gibraltar, Morocco, Dakar, Cape Verde Islands, Barbados, Antigua, Grenada and more.

The best part is that you’re not just a guest on board this magnificent sailing vessel – you’re the crew! Learn from the professionals as you go along – join the watch, navigate, steer, and learn all aspects of sailing while on board. Perfect for those who are hands on and looking for big excitement. We’re not the only ones to think so as the editor of the Sunday Times Travel just featured this very trip in his round up of the most exciting ways to blow your pension on holiday. You see, we know what we’re talking about!

Antarctica Sailing Expedition

It’s one of the oldest continents on Earth and is uninhabitable because of the extreme climate conditions. Antarctica is one of the last great wildernesses and this adventure offers you the opportunity to see it under sail.

There are five expeditions set for the 2014-2015 season and 2015-2016 dates are to be confirmed at the end of November 2014. Ranging from 22 to 52 days traveling from Chile, Argentina, or Cape Town and heading as far as Tristan da Cunha – the most remote island in Antarctica.

Easter Island Adventure

This adventure is packed with mystery, magic, and awe. Travel where few have gone and visit the islands that have intrigued humankind for centuries. Come and experience the power of these iconic Moai figures that steadfastly gaze out over the Pacific Ocean. Discover a rich history that few have heard and even fewer have seen. These ten days will allow you to explore a lost part of our history and put a bit of magic back into daily life.

Disko Bay Dog Sledding Greenland

This eight day adventure provides the opportunity not only to see some amazing country, but to become part of a team – your dog sled team. Learn the basics of working with the Greenland dogs and then set out on an expedition into the Icefjord. This region has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site and it will only take about three minutes to understand why. Enjoy the best of this amazing country during this unique adventure.

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