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Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean in 2016

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One of the trips that most captures people’s imagination when they visit our website is the chance to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.

There is something truly enthralling about the idea of escaping the humdrum of life on land for the rolling waves and an uninterrupted horizon from dawn to dusk on board a sail boat – be it a yacht or a classic sailing tall ship. Little else beats arriving to a new shore or continent under sail and the first sense of land on the horizon.

Everyone’s motivation to set sail is a little bit different. From bucket-list dreams, to slow travel enthusiasts, avid sailors, complete beginners looking to learn a new skill, adventure seekers and people looking for a complete change of scene or to do something incredible to mark an anniversary.

One of the trainee crew, Anthony, is joining a transatlantic that leaves next week from Tenerife to the Caribbean shared his motivation for taking part this year “I’ve been going very hard the past 11 years in the Army and now that I’m out, I’m most looking forward to the open ocean and the solitude and clarity that it will provide. Nothing like 25 days on the high seas to help reset oneself. And of course getting to know the crew and the folks on board. That’s what I’m looking forward to mostly – making new lifelong friends.

Most join the voyages solo but some join with partners or friends. On board there’s always a great mix of trainee sailors ranging in age with no strict upper or lower age limits the professional crews care more about good health and a willingness to get stuck in.

We are particularly fond of the tall ship experiences. The bigger size of the vessels compared to a yacht means you have more space during your crossing. There’s also a huge amount to learn and many ropes to get your head around on board a classic tall ship which is half the fun of the trip.

Each vessel has its own character and is run a little differently which is why we enjoy helping adventure travellers find the perfect crew to join for a transatlantic sail that most suits their preferred route, available time, budget and character.

As one of our favourite tall ships prepares to leave Tenerife next week for a crossing to the Caribbean we felt inspired to share the other transatlantic trips you can join as voyage/guest crew in 2016. Remember, experience isn’t necessary but passion for adventure is a must.

Bon Voyage to the adventurous souls that are setting sail next week! May the wind be in your sails and salt in your hair.

Great Ways to Sail Across the Atlantic Ocean in 2016

Sail from Cape Town, South Africa to Brest, France via Azores, Ascension Island and St Helena

April – June 2016

This mile-maker which includes an equator crossing as you head north from South Africa is perfect for people who really want to learn more about life on board a square rigger. During this trip there will be plenty of time to learn from the permanent crew and your fellow trainees and the focus will not only be sail training but also scientific research.

Sail from America to Europe via Bermuda & Azores

April – June 2016

Join as crew on a traditional tall ship and help sail her from Houston, USA back to Rotterdam, The Netherlands on this fantastic transatlantic voyage. No experience needed – just a sense of adventure and a desire to learn. If you’re looking for a chance to switch off, get away, and learn something new then this could be the perfect trip. Join a 16, 17, 19 or 33 day voyage or do the whole 52 day transatlantic crossing.

Sail from Europe to South America

September – November 2016

If you’re looking for epic, then look no further. Four ocean voyages and over 69 days of sailing adventure. This trip has ‘Bucket List’ written all over it. Sail from Rotterdam in the Netherlands to Montevideo in Uruguay. Join one, two, three, or ALL FOUR legs of this tall ship ocean voyage.

The adventure from Europe to South America is divided into four distinct legs which range from 10 to 34 days each. You are the crew on this spectacular adventure. You’ll have plenty of time to come to know the ins and out of the ship as well as your fellow trainees – who will feel like family in no time at all.


Remember, you don’t need any prior sailing experience to enjoy these transatlantic crossing to the fullest. The tall ships serve as training vessels which means you will learn all that you need to know as you go. They are hands on adventures in every sense of the word. If you do have prior experience on tall ships or yachts, then polish off those sea legs and join one and brush up your navigation and other nautical skills during the adventure of a lifetime.

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