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Splish splash: Discover epic water adventures

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This weekend it seems that summer will finally arrive. The good news is you can finally enjoy warm weather and sun but in the heat of the city you might start dreaming of cooling down on a water themed adventure…

Adventure seekers, don’t panic. We have the best water themed adventures on offer, whether it is sailing, surfing, rafting, or kayaking you’re looking for. And the best part is that they run all year long all over the world, so you can chase summer all time (or escape it if you are a fun of the Arctic).

Find here the most exiting water adventures we can think of!

Sailing from South Africa to America in 2017

The dream of every adventure seeker is to sail across the Atlantic. So if you think the time has come for you, start preparing for this ultimate adventure starting next year. You’ll be part of a crew and will learn to sail. The journey is made of two parts: from Cape Town to Ascension Island and from there to Boston. You can decide if you want to do the entire travel or just one part.

Glacier Fjords Kayaking

Take part in this challenging trip to explore the stunning fjords and Iceland coasts in the best way possible: kayaking. You will see what is considered to be the most beautiful fjord in Iceland, completely free from human presence. And if you’re lucky you will also spot whales and eagles.

Surf El Salvador

Participate in this “surfaris” and live the adventure in the waves of El Salvador. Expert local guides will give you the best advice to maximise your experience and find the best beaches and time to surf.

Fast and Furious Rafting Experience

Experience the roughest wilderness in this 3-day white water rafting adventure in Iceland. You will discover some parts of Iceland that are difficult to see in any other way. Raft for 55Km along the East Glacial River and lose yourself in stunning landscapes and hot spots.

Pack-raft expedition through Gabon

This pioneering travel is only for the most adventurous souls. Take part in an adventure no one will believe you’ve been on. Cross the equator in a pack-raft cruising grade one and grade two rapids in Djidji and Kongou rivers. You will also explore Invido National Park and see incredible wildlife.

Find out more in our water sports section, or, if you are particularly interested in sailing, the page for you is sail across the Atlantic Ocean.

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