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Three Great Coast to Coast Adventures

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It’s long been said of travel that it’s not the destination that matters most, but the journey.

Making your way from one point on the map to another, whether under your own steam or by some mode of transport, is a timeless way of capturing the real spirit of adventure. A defined route and ambitious goal adds an unmistakable element of challenge and excitement to any trip, as well as a great feel good achievement upon completion.

The possibilities for A to B adventures are endless and limited only by the imagination. You could trace mighty rivers, trek with horses across mountain ranges, or navigate stunning island chains.

Whether you’re looking to push yourself physically or watch the world unfurl on an extended rail or sailing expedition, there’s an epic voyage out there to suit everyone.

For a remarkable trip you won’t forget in a hurry, we recommend these three adventurous coast to coast adventures & journeys.

Three Epic Coast to Coast Adventures

Trans Siberian Rail Experience

If you’re looking for a truly memorable A to B adventure – one that traverses multiple countries, diverse landscapes, and fascinating cultures – you can’t do much better than an awe-inspiring Trans-Siberian rail journey. You’ll be whisked across Russia towards the wilds of Siberia, taking in Moscow, Suzal and Lake Baikal along the way. Then experience the beauty, hospitality and nomadic traditions of Mongolia, before diving into the historical and cultural attractions of Beijing. A must for lovers of great journeys, this is rail travel at its most epic and evocative.

Sail from Europe to South America

Embark on the ultimate sailing adventure, encompassing up to 4 ocean voyages, over 69 days at sea, and one transatlantic crossing. Aboard a tall ship, you’ll get a hands-on sailing experience as part of the crew, helping to navigate this magnificent vessel from Rotterdam in the Netherlands to Uruguay. You can pick and choose your leg(s), whether you fancy venturing to Portugal, Tenerife or the Verde Islands, or go all out for the full transatlantic experience.

Cycle Southern India Coast to Coast

Cross a country under your own steam on this thrilling Indian cycling adventure. You’ll pedal through Tamil Nadu and Kerala, passing magnificent sights at Pondicherry and Madurai, and taking in the beautiful scenery of the highlands and backwaters. Travelling by bike provides physical challenge and a great sense of accomplishment, whilst allowing you to truly absorb the intense mix of cultures, landscapes and cuisines that India has to offer.

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