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Epic Food Adventures

Epic Food Adventures

Hungry for adventure? Today we would like to talk about a very peculiar kind of adventure. One that involves one of our favourite topics. We’re talking about food adventures, of course!

Going to explore a different country means also learning about its culture and people. And it doesn’t matter in what part of the world you are. Food is always an important part of every culture. If you really want to experience the place you are in,  you have to try it. So here for you are our favourite food adventures.

Vietnam food adventures

Vietnam Food Adventure TOP015_7

This is the perfect trip to combine culture and historical highlights with some delicious traditional food. During this 10 day adventure you will travel along the country tasting the typical dishes of different Vietnamese regions. But you won’t only taste. You will cook!

You will have time to attend cooking classes and learn to distinguish different herbs. A part of the journey is spent in Saigon, once devastated by the war but now a vibrant city. In its market you will be able to find all you need to cook some delicious dishes!

Japan food adventures

Japan Food Adventure TOP008 8Did you know that an island in Japan has the highest number of centenarians of the entire world? Part of it is due to the food those people eat. This alone would be a good reason to discover all the secrets of Japanese food. And also, Japanese cuisine is one of the most loved in the world, a true showcase of the culture of Japan.

During this 12 day adventure you will have the chance to experience all of it. You will have fun negotiating good deals in the vibrant food markets and then you will learn how to prepare traditional dishes. During the trip, you will also have time to admire the beautiful sightings and numerous temples of Japan.

Mexico food adventures

Mexico Food Adventure TOP008 4This 9 day adventure is the perfect chance to explore Mexican culture like a local. You may have been to a Mexican restaurant at home before, but this adventure will challenge all you thought you knew about Mexican food.

You will explore different regions, including the city of Pueblo, the culinary capital of the country. In the meantime you will also have the chance to see some amazing ruins of ancient civilizations. You will attend cooking classes, learning to prepare traditional dishes. The recipes have received the influence of both pre-Colombian and the Spanish society. A very unique mix.

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