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I suspect Another World Adventures views ‘luxury’ through a different lens than the many other high-end providers.

The ones you already know about, whose adverts you see in glossy magazines.

The kind of luxury I’m going to tell you about doesn’t come wrapped in perfumed towels and private jets.

It comes in time.

It comes in opportunities to challenge comfort zones.

It comes in doing things differently. It comes in rare moments to discover nature and cultures in true, authentic environments. It comes in chances to do things first. It comes in opportunities to do things at all. It’s a pleasure obtained only rarely.

Perhaps it takes a truly discerning traveller to understand that real adventure, of the purest kind, can mean days without power showers.

That nails will get chipped and broken.

That phones may have no signal.

That instagram can’t be updated.

That at some points you’ll wonder what you’ve got yourself into.

That you may laugh and cry in equal measure.

That transformation is around the corner but it’s not always a comfortable ride.

That it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

I consider time a great luxury. So do the travellers that come to me for help planning experiences you can not hurry. Be it an immersive trek to one of the world’s least visited nomadic cultures in Afghanistan or sailing across the Atlantic Ocean.

Horse riding across the Andes - the Puelo Ride_Correntoso River_VEN106
Pacific Voyages
Jungle Trek to the Darien Gap Panama

I consider affording the mindset to challenge one’s comfort zone to be a magnificent luxury. Travellers seeking out extreme expeditions tend to agree.

Those wanting to cross Iran’s Lut desert by foot, the hottest place on earth, or to get off the beaten path – in the real sense of it not just the cliché – to explore the jungles of Panama’s infamous Darien Gap in search of lost civilisations & 5,000 year old petroglyphs, will find their boundaries pushed in the great outdoors with my help.

The courage to do things differently is a luxury I celebrate particularly when it means you can really get away from it all.

How about joining an elegant three-masted tall ship built in 1911 to explore Antarctica under sail, accessing astounding areas of the White Continent that the more opulent cruises can not reach or discovering exciting ski tour terrain in unlikely places such as Iraq?

My sense of adventure is limitless and I share that with the travellers I work with to inspire and realise their own extraordinary journeys.

A passion for enriching both people and the planet through adventure is at the soul of my business and as a female-owned and run brand so is gender diversity in adventure.

I also think age shouldn’t be ignored – some of my most adventurous travellers have (grand)kids in their twenties they put to shame with their appetite for adventure.

And also experience.

You don’t have to already be a super athlete or pro sailor to take part in these small group or private experiences.

Past experience isn’t always mandatory but a passion for adventure is a must.  

So who am I?

I’m Larissa Clark, co-founder of Another World Adventures.

Since 2013 we’ve curated great adventures. Think unusual experiences, expeditions, slow, solo and sustainable travel and epic journeys.

Working with a network of experienced partners around the world we turn travel dreams into reality. 

Ultimately, travellers show good judgement when they start their journey to adventure by getting in touch.

I hope you’ll agree.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about us then let me just say, “Welcome to Another World Adventures”.

Looking for our type of luxury on next adventure? Check out all our available trips to find your ideal unusual adventure holiday or contact us and we’ll help you find your ideal next trip.

Dates TBA
15 days £7,715.00

Svalbald Expedition 2024

Venture 80° North into the Arctic circle, sailing along the isolated rugged East Coast of Svalbard.

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Hi I’m Larissa, Founder of Another World Adventures. Welcome! If you’re planning an adventure you’re in the right place. Get ready to discover epic travel inspo and a collection of hand-picked trips from my trusted network of experienced adventure experts. Think unusual destinations, expeditions, slow, solo and sustainable travel and epic journeys on land and at sea! Ever got a question? Just get in touch, I answer every enquiry myself. Enjoy!

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