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Guide to using our Tour Operator Dashboard

As a registered tour operator with Another World Adventures you get access to our tour operator Dashboard.

The Dashboard enables you to add and amend trip pages to promote your adventures to our network, review booking enquiries made about your trips and declare confirmed bookings.

Adding a trip

  • Your Another World Adventures account manager will help you decide which of your products are suitable for Another World Adventures and confirm how many and which trips you may add. If you would like to add a new trip page please discuss and confirm this with your account manager in the first instance.
  • Log into your Tour Operator Dashboard navigate to ‘Adventures’ on the left-hand menu. This is where you can view, edit and add new trip pages to the site.
  • Choose ‘Add new Adventure’ and add all the trip information section by section. There is a downloadable trip page formatting-guide in the trip content section which explains how to format your content and images to ensure they look fantastic.
  • If you need to save the trip and come back to complete it later click ‘Save Draft’ in the Publish box on the top right. To see how your trip looks from the front end click ‘Preview’ in the Publish box on the top right to check the formatting is correct and the trip looks as it should.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the images provided are an accurate representation of your product and that you have permission for the images to be reproduced on (and associated sites). Any claims made against Another World Adventures Ltd for unauthorized use of images or videos used on your trip pages will be passed on to you the tour operator.
  • Once you’re happy with your trip click ‘Submit for Review’ in the Publish box. This will send a notification to the Another World Adventures to check your trip, complete the SEO for the page, add a Trip Summary (written by a copywriter in our house style) and put the trip live on the site. This process can take up to 5 working days.
  • Once your trip is live you can update it with new dates, prices or itinerary changes by logging back in, navigating to your trip in ‘All Adventures’ and then choosing ‘Edit’ status in the Publish box. Once you have made your changes, submit the trip for review again and the Another World Adventure team will check it and put it live. Edits will be checked and put live within 24 hours.
  • If you cancel a trip or no longer wish to feature it on the site you can remove it by choosing ‘Move to Bin’ in the Publish box. Or just email your account manager who can remove the trip for you.
  • If you have any questions about adding a trip email your account manager or

Reviewing your booking enquiries

Login to the tour operator Dashboard and click on ‘Booking Enquiries’ to see a list of all the customer enquiries received about your trip. They are listed by the most recent first. To see the details of a particular enquiry just click on the traveller’s name.

Declare confirmed bookings

Please declare any confirmed bookings made by customers referred to your via as soon as possible. This ensures we can invoice you on time and will improve your conversion rate. To declare a confirmed booking, sign in to the tour operator Dashboard, click on ‘Booking Enquiries’ to find a list of all the enquiries you have received and check the names against your reservations list. Where a customer has confirmed a booking with you click on their   name and navigate to the ‘order status’ box and choose ‘Completed’ from the drop down. Then fill in all the details in the ‘Booking Details’ section below.

You only need to update booking enquiries where a booking has been confirmed. Booking enquiries are valid for 12 months. If a booking has not been confirmed within this time the booking enquiry will automatically expire and be removed from your list.


Please let us know if you have a booking cancellation as soon as possible – log into the Dashboard, find the relevant booking and change the order status to ‘cancelled’. We will contact you if neccessary (e.g. if you’ve already been invoiced for this booking). Please try to always let us know before the date of travel as this will prevent inaccurate invoicing and customers from receiving unnecessary emails.


We will invoice you for commission due on confirmed bookings in the month the customer is scheduled to travel. Invoicing is done on a monthly basis and sent via email so please ensure we have the relevant contact at your company. All invoices are billed in Pound Stirling (GBP). For more on our invoicing terms see our Terms and Conditions for Tour Operators.



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